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20 Jul

How ‘Halal’ is your Makeup?

What is that one thing you look for as you survey aisle after aisle to find the perfect make up product? Perhaps it's the colour, the price, the long lasting shine or the stay-on blush that you so badly need to complete your makeup kit. Or maybe it’s about the perfect primer or highlighter to pop those cheekbones. But has this quest ever made you question how halal your product of purchase really is? In midst of stocking up on cosmetics we often forget to take into consideration the contents used to manufacture the products. But stop! Before we go any further, do we know what the term 'halal certified' even means? A term that has been more used than Kylie Cosmetics...
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24 Jun

OPI SS’16: Alice Through the Looking Glass!

  When it comes to nail colour and nail art, we battle between OPI and Esse, both available in Pakistan. Gone are the days of Medora and Swiss Miss (remember?) and even Revlon has taken a backseat. Nail colour and art innovation has taken imagination out to the stars and we adorn our fingertips in everything bold, beautiful to downright bizarre. Amethyst Spa (actually a little salon tucked away in Clifton) is one of the official affiliates of OPI in Pakistan and they recently hosted a do to introduce the latest palette, raging all across the world. Here's a recap for SH readers! The Retro Look: This season, yellow has the ‘it’ factor. What better way to embrace the sunny and bright than painting...
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22 May

The scent of Fawad Khan’s woman

Chemistry is a dangerous subject. Dilip Kumar and Madhubala in Taraana; DeepikaPadukone and Ranvir Singh in Ram Leela.  Clarke Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and countless onscreen couples that set the screen on fire. Chemistry is what makes or breaks a romance, a relationship and as we’ve seen all along, a film or TV series. The chemistry between Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, I believe, is what made Humsafar such a mammoth success. This new Lux ad is no film but if it were a science lab it would come with a warning because the chemistry between these two is explosive. They return to the screen, several years after Humsafar...
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17 Dec

Kerastase Resistance Therapiste Hair Treatment: the review

Dye it, fry it, straighten it, curl it, tweak it or tame it…let’s just say that our hair undergoes the same level of mistreatment as a nerd on the school soccer team   Dye it, fry it, straighten it, curl it, tweak it or tame it…let’s just say that our hair undergoes the same level of mistreatment as a nerd on the school soccer team. The effects are just as devastating and in some cases, irreversible. So thank heavens for the kind people at beauty corporations who keep coming up with various therapies for damaged skin parts, in this particular case, hair.   I have, like most women in their 40s, been dying my hair for almost a decade now. It began with a...
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27 Nov

L’Oreal Creams: Are they worth it?

Something Haute’s beauty writer reviews the various L’Oreal moisturizers, widely available in Pakistan, that she has used over the years.   By Fatima Khan   I have been obsessed with my skin and hair for as long as I can remember. In fact, I have been obsessed with everyone’s skin and hair all my life. How can it look better? What can we do differently? Why aren’t there any products for the weird, mostly combination skin type most Pakistanis have? Why does my mom have faint coffee-coloured patches on her cheeks, and will I get them too?   So most of my adult life has been spent trial-and-erroring my way through creams and lotions and serums to find the perfect fit. Especially since my early to...
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21 Nov

Mahira turns bad-ass for Pepe

  Mahira Khan’s pretty, girl-next-door image completely turned on its heels this week when the first few images of Pepe Jeans’ new campaign hit the cyber waves. Out flew Khirad and Saba and in came this almost bad-ass, pouting lass of a woman who didn’t know how to smile. All this denim, leather, boots and nonchalance brought out the babe and wow! This smoldering look was a welcome relief to Mahira’s usual, wholesome gorgeousness. We love her always, forever but we were swayed by this new look more than ever before.   So we called Nabila, who gave her the look, and asked how our readers could recreate it if they wanted to … which we’re sure they do!     HAIR Mahira’s hair had been cut...
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