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8 Mar

10 things women should stop apologizing for

March 8: It’s International Women’s Day and ladies, I’m sure you all know the difficulties of being a woman is this country. When you’re raised with the context of obeying and just obeying it’s not surprising that women tend to be more apologetic than men for things that are completely bogus.

We’ve vowed to break the trend and here are 10 things all women should just stop apologizing for instantly.

1. Women should stop apologizing for having an opinion

Why is it so wrong for a woman to have an opinion or even worse, have one that contradicts a man? Remember growing up and being told to remain quite even when you had something to say?

It’s alright; we’ll just sit here minding our business while the idiots take over.


2. Women should stop apologizing for having a career

 It seems like, in Pakistan, having a career for a women is the worst thing she can do to herself. Why? Because who wants to marry a smart, successful, strong woman?

Let’s just dumb down ladies, it’s a matter of national security. The men are threatened.


3. Women should stop apologizing for expressing their feelings

 Somewhere along the way we forgot that women are also human, capable of having emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes. Their sole purpose is not to fix the diameters of their rotis and bear heirs to their husband’s imaginary kingdom. So in fears of shattering our social fabric, speak up ladies!


4. Women should stop apologizing for choosing who they love or un-love

 The shame of falling in love with someone is only heighted a million times if you’re the woman in that relationship. Love is as basic of an emotion as hunger or anger but no, it’s quickly escalated into a matter of upbringing and even in some cases “honour”, oh the horrors! Even Simran was allowed to live her life, and she’s fictional.


5. Women should stop apologizing for their bodies

 Most women live in the Goldilocks world, we’re they are either too thin or too fat.

When you’re too thin you’re told you look sick (read: incapable of breeding) and when you’re even half a gram overweight you’re told nobody will want a fat wife. But lord knows these same body standards aren’t applied to men in Pakistan. They get away with a size 40 waist like they’re ready to take the Milan runway!


6. Women should stop apologizing for what they are wearing

 Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to get out of your sweatpants or just not in the mood for a big blow-dry. Why can’t women get away with dressing down and not walking out like a supermodel all the time? Imagine the stares if you’re seen in flip-flops and a baggy t-shirt, Yikes!


7. Women should stop apologizing for being more outgoing

 I think this definitely needs no explanation. Imagine when somebody comes over to your house to find that you’re still out past sunset, or if you’ve gone out two nights in a row. I think most men would prefer just locking women up in a tower like Rapunzel and throwing the keys in the ocean.

So much trouble and all you wanted was a cappuccino.


8. Women should stop apologizing for standing up for themselves

 Being a woman you can understand the anxiety of walking in a crowded street and being at the receiving end of inappropriate stares and smirks and yet most of you won’t do anything about it because nobody likes a loud woman. Not even when they are being harassed.



9. Women should stop apologizing for putting themselves first

 You take care of the house, the kids, the husband, the in-laws, the dog, the servants, the neighbours, and even the friends but asking for some time off is like conquering Jupiter, impossible. Come one ladies, you need some me time, you deserve it!


10. Women should stop apologizing for taking a break

In our opinion everybody needs to take a vacation by themselves or with their friends to keep their sanity intact but planning a vacation for even a couple of days feels like an army boot camp for the amount of permissions you would need from practically everyone in the house.

It’s a tougher visa to get than India’s.

Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!