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5 Mar

Here’s why Ali Zafar decided to perform at the PSL closing ceremony!

With PSL finale all set for tonight, the fans are already raging with excitement for cricket to return home. However, for anyone who loves their Haute celebrities like us, the closing ceremony is where our eyes are at. But, when news broke that Pakistan’s biggest name in music, Ali Zafar wasn’t performing, our hearts shattered. Can the heartthrob truly do that to us? The answer, fortunately, is no!

Talking to Something Haute, the singer confirmed that he would be performing at the PSL closing ceremony despite initially tweeting that he won’t be doing so. The singer whose anthem for PSL, ‘Seeti Bajay Gi’ already became a fan favourite, cited the insistence of fans as his reason to perform.

Talking about the experience of writing the anthem and performing it at the ceremony, he said,

“It’s kind of surreal. When I wrote Phir Seeti Bajay Gi, I had imagined this moment. And now it’s here. I am humbled to play my small part in this big phenomenon. The response that the song has gotten, an artist can only wish for.”

Apart from Zafar, the ceremony will also have Ahmed Ali Butt and Ayesha Omer as hosts, with performances by Farhad Humayun, Faakhir, and Ali Azmat.

Now, with a few hours remaining, the only few things to do are either head to the stadium if you’re lucky enough, or just grab some snacks and wait for the showdown on our television screens. Either way, no one’s ready to miss this event!

Shahjehan Saleem

The author is Contributing Editor at Something Haute as well as a professor in the Media Sciences department at SZABIST, Karachi. Socio-cultural theories and geography fill up the rest of his time.