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2 Aug

Landa Bazaar reloaded: Will ‘Lal Ishq’ be able to recreate the magic?

With the revival of cinema paving way for more film content to reach our screens in a bid to provide content different than before, TV seems to be working on an opposite, more nostalgic path to the past. Either as an homage or an inspiration, some shows have used the success of a classic predecessor as an instant hit formula. Now, testing if lightning strikes twice, is Lal Ishq, or how people knew it – Landa Bazaar.

Lal Ishq, the much-awaited sequel to the iconic TV drama Landa Bazaar – which premiered 15 years ago on PTV, will soon air on A-Plus to great anticipation. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, who also wrote and starred in the first series, will pen the script for the sequel, whereas it will be directed by Dilawar Malik.



While the original plot revolved around Baali (Babar Ali) –a young man embroiled in the world of crime and corruption, whilst trying to build a relationship with his fiancée, Zohra (Farah Shah) – the sequel will have Ali reprise his role.  Apart from the actor, most of the original cast will also reappear as their original characters, except Farah Shah as Zohra whose role was terminated in the original.

However, apart from the plotline, what most people may be curious about is whether Ali Zafar would make a return to the show, which was his debut on Pakistani television. However, while there is no confirmation on whether that may happen, due to his busy musical and film career, wouldn’t it be refreshing to see the actor essay a role on TV once again?

Scheduled to air next month, Lal Ishq will also see the debut of Turab Khalil ­– the son of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar – apart from the addition of new cast members, Arsalan Mehmood, Faryal Mehmood, and Saba Hameed in important roles.

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