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6 Aug

Sana and Sajal dominate the second episode of ‘O Rungreza’

In an industry in which dramas are thriving on stereotypes, what do you call one that stands out for its classic approach to storytelling? O Rungreza. While only two episodes in, the show is impressing with its script and performances. Sajal Aly, Irsa Ghazal and Noman Ejaz were already impressive and if any one won our hearts this episode, it has to be actress Sana Fakhar, hands down.

Episode One of OR established Khayyam (Noman Ejaz) as a brooding poet, who is unable to appreciate the simplicity and somewhat ‘illiteracy’ of his wife, portrayed brilliantly by Irsa Ghaza. Sassi (Sajal) is their daughter who is a dramatic creature, completely in awe of her father. She completely runs down her mother as she idolises him and genuinely believes her father is justified in not being interested in a simpleton.

In this episode Sassi takes a step further in alienating her mother by actually inviting Sonia Jehan (an interesting name to use and played by Lollywood actress Sana) to their house by writing an invitation letter to her under her father’s name.


Both Khayyam and Sassi remain infatuated by Sonia in this episode.

Making her appearance in the show with full sensuality, Sana delivers the role of a dancer with utmost perfection. Whether it’s her dialogue delivery or her Ada (grace), Sana’s transformation into Sonia may be enough to hook you to this show. Plus, if that’s not enough reason, her chemistry with Sajal’s Sassi is so on-point that you may actually feel they could run this show without any hero needed whatsoever.

Although the story works at a relatively slower pace than most Pakistani dramas and this episode too, didn’t have much to reveal except that Sonia comes to their house and wants shayar Khayyam to pen the story for her upcoming film, O Rungreza does not disappoint in keeping suspense where it’s truly needed.

Sonia Jehan is Khayyam’s muse and it seems that she is here to stay. Delving deeper into the realities of a troubled marriage and unrequited love, will Sonia’s entry into Khayyam’s household change things and break hearts? Teasers indicate that she will.

Keep checking this space for more reviews of O Rungreza.


Shahjehan Saleem

The author is Contributing Editor at Something Haute as well as a professor in the Media Sciences department at SZABIST, Karachi. Socio-cultural theories and geography fill up the rest of his time.