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16 Dec

2018 in Review: Hair colours that trended in 2018


Whether it was fashion or beauty, 2018 has surely been a year of trends that became widely popular. And amongst such trends, it was surely a prominent year for hair, as it became all about standing apart in the crowd.

But, who exactly excelled at this craft and brought it in the limelight? We’ll tell you exactly who as we have an exclusive conversation with a renowned stylist who has been experimenting with a myriad of colours, Mahnoor Mizka.

“In 2018, we saw a lot of pearls and white blonde shades. Redhead and ginger head colours were also a thing this year.  They were really apart; it was either very light hair or red hair,” she told Something Haute.




Talking about the most popular hair colour of the year the owner of Mahnoor Mizka Studio revealed, “pearl blonde was extremely popular. Everyone liked and it was the most sought-after colour. Also, we have been doing ‘bronde’ for a long time, but, this year a lot of people, though did not know the word ‘bronde’, actually wanted it. It is a mixture of brown and blonde hair colour.”

We inquired about some hair colours that these celebrities opted for. We asked the hair colourist what shades they were given and why?


Rachel Viccaji




The Coke Studio singer was given a teal balayage. “She did not want something that was full head or was going to overpower her. But, at the same time, she did want some funky colour. This was something that describes her. She is showing off the tattoo on her arm which is also teal in colour. It’s her favourite colour and she got it done on her hair, too.” Talking about her haircut, Mahnoor added that the singer was given side bangs along with long layers to accentuate her face and hair colour.


Natasha Baig




Singer Natasha Baig collaborated with the hair expert for a project and the theme was to use crazy hair colours. “I had a bunch of colours but, at the same time, I had to make them look good on her. So, I’ve done rose gold on the crown of her head – rose gold was another trending hair colour this year- to make her crown look heavier as the colour makes the hair look thicker. At the bottom, I have done peacock and jewel shades; tones of purple, green and shades of green so, it’s giving an overall rich look and defining her,” Mahnoor shared.


Sumbul Iqbal




The TV actress asked for voluminous hair and that is exactly what she got in this look. “I’ve given her a voluminous haircut as she likes volume and it is giving her a nice textured look. For the colour, I have given her a brunette look. As she works on screen, we cannot have anything that is too out there. Along with that, I have given her two shades of mid-tone; toffee and caramel.”

In 2019, which hair colours are likely to be trending next year? “I am predicting a lot of crazy colour. I feel like people are getting bolder with colour. They use colour to express themselves and I like that a lot. So, I would see a lot of crazy colour and I think the blonde and light colour trend will continue. It was a big hit in 2018 so, there will be more beige, pearl and ash tones,” Mizka (as she is popularly known) continued. The artist also predicts that people will be braver and opt for lighter colours.




But, what about hair colours that failed this year? “the yellow or bleach/dirty blonde never works. Nobody likes it but there are some people who want to get it done. Personally, I just feel like it is a big no-no because the colour itself isn’t pretty, especially when it is done a full head,” she artist concluded.

According to you, which hair colours were a big hit this year? let us know!


Ayesha Ghaffar

The author is a Sub-Editor at Something Haute and a fresh Journalism graduate from SZABIST. She is paving the way for her future in the field of media and reporting. When she is not working, she is busy watching Penguin videos and staying away from cats.

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