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22 Sep

Coca-Cola Pakistan adds another feather to its cap with a new world record!

With brands recognizing that a world filled with neon-signs and advertisements have already over-saturated the market, some companies have taken a step above and experimented with how unique they can be. One such example is the Coca-Cola system in Pakistan, which in its latest campaign has tried upping the ante even more.

Creating the Guinness World Record by setting up the ‘World’s Largest Packaged Product Display’ at the official wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry in Lahore, Pakistan, the brand has once again shown that no one beats it when it comes to creativity.

The display measures 1,470.81 m³ (51,941 ft³ 276 in³) and covers 100,000 cases & almost 1 Million Liters of Coca-Cola product. If numbers excite you, it’ll tickle your fancy to know that It is long enough to cover wingspan of a Boeing 777 airplane and took 72 hours, 100 people & 114 trucks to build!


The record-breaking display.


This is the first time the brand has attempted such a record. Previously, this record was held by Solo in Istanbul and was achieved on 26th May 2016.

At the event held in Lahore to mark the success of this achievement, Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager, TCCE Pakistan & Afghanistan congratulated the whole system.

“In 2017 we’ve set a milestone to complete 10 Seasons of the iconic Coke Studio in Pakistan, however, we have made history again by securing the Guinness World Record for “Largest Packaged Product Display” in collaboration with Metro C&C. We are proud of our bottling partners CCI and the whole Team who has worked day and night to deliver the best example of system integration and innovation, driven by a passion for the Brand and Company,” he said.

Also performing at the event was Ali Hamza, who kept everyone entertained.


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