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24 Sep

Coke Studio Season 10 ends with an ode to tradition

With the iconic tenth season of Coke Studio coming to an end, it marked a milestone for the platform that has given us countless hits over the years. Becoming the bastion of all things that truly made CS the ‘sound of the nation,’ this season – and especially the finale – proved that no one can come to close to the magic Coke weaves.

Parting with a finale fit for the landmark season, the episode was surely a  delight not to be missed.




By now, we surely know that any song which has Aima Baig in it, quickly becomes something we can’t get over. In ‘Baanware’ too, she shines through as her powerful, ethereal vocals intertwine themselves in the soft melody of the song. Truly Shuja Haider creates yet another score that is befitting for a finale. The duet shaped as a musical conversation brings forth the nuances and intricacies of heartbreak in a delightfully poignant manner, and is surely something you shouldn’t be missing!


Tera Naam’


 Throughout the seasons of Coke Studio where music Director, composer and lyricist, Sajjad Ali has appeared, he has created magic with his soulful vocals. This time around, he brings this beautiful hamd to the Coke Studio repertoire. With his signature musical style, ‘Tera Naam’ is a meticulously crafted piece that depicts the three phases of life and finding what is of ultimate importance throughout a lifetime. Weaving itself around the steady rhythm of the dholak, the hamd transcends the boundaries of earthly tunes.


‘Us Rah Par’


The loss of Junaid Jamshed sent reverberations across the world, and is surely one person that is irreplaceable. Drawing inspiration from Junaid’s signature sound, Jaffer Zaidi creates a heartfelt tribute for the gentleman who will forever remain the icon for contemporary Pakistani pop music. Sung by Ali Zafar and Ali Hamza, the duet comes together to celebrate and commemorate the life and legacy of a man who helped millions of people find their own way in this fitting tribute. If truly there is a song we love with all heart and soul this season, it has to be ‘Us Rah Par.’


Maula Tera Noor’


Coming to the perfect ending to the finale, we feel that Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan has once again proven that his heritage flows through each and every word that comes out of his mouth.

A silvery hamd sung beautifully by Shafqat, it is a spiritual journey of finding the light to guide and protect the soul. Akin to the traditional approach to hamd, the bright and airy composition for ‘Maula Tera Noor’ has a purposefully simple melody to steer the listeners towards the richness and potency of the words.

An enchanting flute also lifts the song into a dimension of purity and simplicity as the banjo gives a soft punch of color into this soul-stirring number.

With so many hits to remember this season, ‘Maula Tera Noor’ may as well go down in Coke Studio history as a flag-bearer of classic and crisp renditions that the platform stands for. If you haven’t heard any song from this episode, do yourself a favour and listen to this right now!

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