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13 Feb

3 haute ways to skip red this Valentine’s Day & opt for subtle tones

Valentine's Day

For years people have opted for the classic red on 14th February; women more so than men. However, over time this Valentine’s Day tradition has slowly transformed into a tacky option that should be considered as a last resort on this occasion.

Red, generally is a colour with which people can almost never go wrong. It adds a chic aura to any outfit and instantly brings the whole look together. But is there a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without it? We think there is and we suggest to keep the shade at the back of your closet this year. Why though? Well… since everything else around us is red on this particular day, why not opt for more subtle tones to stand out rather than get lost in a sea of scarlet.

Here are come pastel looks that you can try on the day dedicated to love!


Everything’s pretty in blush pink!



Blush pink is definitely the new black this season. The shade instantly transforms your look into sheer elegance and yet it will always make you look cool. It’s also subtle enough to be worn head to toe. Whether you opt for a modern and chic look or go for a rather traditional style, this is one colour you can never go wrong with. Pair it with lighter coloured accessories and your simple outfit will look easy and breezy throughout the day.

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Classic nude and beige combo



When in doubt, wear nudes. The neutral tone will make any outfit look well put together. You can pair it with darker colours like black or opt for gray and white to make a contrast with it. All you have to do is mix and match accessories with a range of nude tones including beige, cream, brown and everything in between. Nude colors have the ability to make an outfit appear anything between elegant, glamorous and edgy. It all depends on your style. We think self-expression is the way to go!


All hail the classic white


Have you ever tried donning white in all its glory? Whether you pair it with dark or light colours or wear it from head to toe, white will never betray you unless you’re careless with your food! So steer clear if you’re planning on having messy food on your date with beau. However, any and every colour can be paired with it. Whether you opt for dark or light coloured accessories, your outfit already became a hit as soon as you chose white.

These tips are surely going to keep your date’s focus on you all day. Even if you don’t have a date, gather your girlfriends for an impromptu day out and channel your inner fashionista!


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