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20 Apr

3 reasons why DMC is a one-stop solution for travel shopping


If there’s one word that gets everyone excited it is a vacation. Irrespective of your age, taking a break from everyday mundane tasks is refreshing and totally worth it. But with the excitement comes the hassle of packing and that too efficiently. For a recent excursion, we found Dolmen Mall Clifton to be our saviour for all travel needs.

Here are some highlights of our travel shopping trip.


Finding the right bag




We wanted to buy everything from scratch for this exciting trip and without any second thoughts, we knew DMC would be the ideal place to buy everything under one roof. We found a spacious and lightweight travel bag at Samsonite which was the right start to our travel shopping.


Travel Apparel




What is travel shopping without new clothes, really? We started to brainstorm about the weather we’ll be experiencing for the duration of our trip and decided to visit Mango for two reasons; it’s fashion-forward and affordable. From cute crop tops and kimonos to belted pants and dresses, we bought one of each.


Capture the moment




From the long list of things that we had to buy, we were extremely excited about purchasing a Fujifilm polaroid camera. There’s nothing like an old school way of taking pictures and preserving them in print. We also bought a Go-Pro from Media Centre because are you even on vacation if you don’t capture your adrenaline-charged activities on camera?

Although we forgot to do this, we highly recommend that you get your money exchanged from one of the exchange outlets within the mall. Not only is it convenient but you get good market rates, too.


Plan Your Travel event 




Just ahead of the summer break, DMC is organizing ‘Plan Your Travel’ event from April 18 to April 22 to help you understand the do’s and don’ts of smart travelling. Not only this, but renowned Pakistani travel bloggers like Ujala Ali Khan from UJALA LAND and Patangeer couple Amtul and Fahad will be hosting information sessions to answer all your travel related queries.




Apply for attractive Umrah packages and Schengen visa or take a trip to the exotic beaches of Maldives or up-north in Pakistan and become the globetrotter you always wanted to be. Last but not least, get the chance of a lifetime to participate in the exciting giveaway and win attractive travel packages to Thailand, Indonesia, Baku and more because your travel plans just got better.




Shop smartly and travel happily. Bon, voyage!


Plan Your Travel at Dolmen Mall!

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