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10 May

Diverse, impactful and intelligent: Khaadi’s luxury lawn serves the looks

With the weather warming up and the festive season around the corner, Khaadi has released a collection that meets the stylish woman’s demands: luxury at its finest with premium wearability.

Synonymous with Pakistani fashion, the high street retailer has designed and curated a collection within a collection for its 2018 luxury lawn. A dynamic blend of traditional design elements mixed with contemporary trend sensibilities, the collection bridges the gap in your wardrobe when it comes to upscale style with breathable, touchable fabrics.

Drawing on the rich heritage of the subcontinent as its muse, Khaadi’s luxury lawn is a delectable mix of timeless embroidery, embellishments and prints tied together with silhouettes and cuts that pay ode to the modern woman.

Khaadi opted to truly incorporate some of the best throwback design skills from yesteryear into their 2018 luxury lawn with embroideries including timeless zari, strategically placed sequins and statement resham finishes on the shirts, dupattas and the trousers.

The collection houses within it eight mini collections, each created with its own identity. The ensembles are all complete three piece suits made in Khaadi’s signature lawn, chiffon and cotton satin. The diverse range includes both embroidered shirts and digital prints topped with embroidery.



The mini collections within a collection offer a wide range of hues from pastels with white lace work to bold, saturated reds with pink and teal embroideries, neutral bases contrasted with a range of prints in sun-kissed crimsons and minty greens, and creamy whites juxtaposed against tissue silk dupattas with stunning prints paying ode to motifs and imagery reminiscent of our culture.

Dupattas, which have made a stellar come back in both the casual and formal fashion fronts, are knockouts through out the collection with Khaadi making sure the oft forgotten accessory has its day in the sun. They range from structured embroidered cotton net to tissue silk — light weight yet packing a mean punch with eye-catching patterns, borders and play on colors present in the shirts they are accenting.

The attention to detail between the work and prints on the shirt to those present in the dupattas ensured that instead of competing there has been a seamless design philosophy present throughout the collection, complete with non-fussy trousers in these dreamy looks.



The trousers too are smartly designed to not complicate the intricate work. Each outfit is paired with structured straight leg pants that pay homage to the shirts they are anchoring while throwing in a surprise style layer. Sheer detailing, cut outs, subtle piping, a touch of zari, a subtle but impactful ankle tie and even a classic patiala shalvar complete the collection’s looks.

The collection is a restrained offering by the massive retailer with a limited number of outfits designed, but the choice to keep the number down and the design quality high was one with visible positive results. Each design has been put on the market with a customer in mind. The range in the collection could hit a number of stylistas’ aesthetics without straying too far from one another to be deemed cohesive.


Sabah Bano Malik

Sabah Bano Malik is an editor, writer and big fan of Wifi. Reach her at

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