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12 May

This Twitter exchange between Saqlain Mushtaq & Rishi Kapoor will warm your hearts

We have often witnessed extreme rivalry when it comes to India and Pakistan and more so when cricket is involved. Both the countries are equally passionate about the sport and react strongly whenever someone from either side of the border makes a harsh comment. Mostly the hue and cry is short-lived but at times, it does take an ugly turn.

But just recently, it was heartening to see cricket legend Saqlain Mushtaq send out a heartwarming message to veteran actor Rishi Kapoor after he took a pro-Pakistan stance during an interview.

Below is a little snippet of what Saqlain said:



Saqlain tweeted the video as well:


Which was followed by this sweet message from Rishi:


Let’s hope the love and respect grows between the two nations so that one day, we look beyond our differences and learn to live in harmony.

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