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29 May

‘Mere Bewafa’: A new take on a familiar story

A Plus Entertainment’s Mere Bewafa produced by Sadia Jabbar Productions has completed twelve episodes and has proven that it can take a tried and tested story line and turn it into a classic tale of betrayal thanks to strategic pacing and excellent execution.

Over the past few weeks Azra — played earnestly by Sarah Khan — has repeatedly battled to come to terms with her world unraveling. Mere Bewafa introduced us to its unique plot right from the first episode, a welcome change from dramas that tend to draw out the catalyst of the story for weeks. We learn that Shahmeer (played by Agha Ali, who happens to be Sarah’s real-life fiancé) has been secretly married to Azra’s childhood friend Mona (played by Zhalay Sarhadi) for a year.

Mona — who admitted in episode one that she was in a relationship with Shahmeer – wants whatever Azra has. Shahmeer continues to tell Azra he loves her the same and his relationship with Mona was just to have children, although he has repeatedly admitted that he doesn’t feel the same way about her anymore and truly loves Mona.

As the weeks go on, their ill-fated secret marriage and subsequent secret baby is exposed along with the revelation of Azra’s miracle pregnancy, which brings us to episode 12. In a twist that may be only Azra didn’t see coming, Mona has been encouraged by sisters-in-law Hina and Abida (played by Madiha Rizvi and Shagufta) to move into their home as Shahmeer’s wife.

As Mona moves in and Shahmeer guilts Azra into moving out of their room upstairs, we see Azra crack — or is this the moment she finally finds her own voice for the first time?

Azra is unlike the other damsels in distress we see on TV. Right from the first episode we know that she is not a dumb, innocent girl who’s fallen into the hands of cruel in laws but a woman in love who has opted to appease a grumpy husband.

As she faces her new reality of being pushed out by her best friend, she comes face to face with herself, where her inner voice seems to be screaming at her to wake up and find a different way to deal with what’s come her way.

The episode ends with Shahmeer finding his first wife sleeping on the floor of what appears to be servant quarters. Will Azra continue to fight for a marriage that is clearly not fighting for her? We’ll have to wait and watch.


Sabah Bano Malik

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