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20 Dec

4 Disney films to look out for in 2018


If there’s one kind of film that rarely disappoints, it’s Disney! Even if the storyline doesn’t appeal to you, the brilliant SFX and cinematography is always commendable and makes for a great watch.

Here’s a look at the Disney films we’re really looking forward to for next year…


Mary Poppins Returns


A true classic, Mary Poppins is coming back with her magic bag and umbrella! Starring Emily Blunt as the titular character, the film will release on Christmas next year. It’s a long wait but we’re eager to see the sequel to our childhood favourite film!


A Wrinkle in Time


As Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay said, the film has cast icons not actresses, and if that’s not enough of a reason to look forward to it we don’t know what is! Starring Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling and Resse Witherspoon, the film is based on the 1962 sci-fi/fantasy novel of the same name. The film will release on 9 March 2018.


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms


Starring Keira Knightley and Morgan Freeman, the trailer for this film is giving major Alice in Wonderland and the Narnia Chronicles vibe! The film is to show a ‘dark side’ to the classic tale, which is enough to have us hooked.


The Incredibles 2


Thirteen years later, this superhero family will pick up right where they left off. Animated films are always a fun watch, and this one is a sequel to one we really liked. Plus who doesn’t want to see more of the adorable Jack-Jack?


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