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13 Mar

4 interesting revelations Humayun Saeed made on Wasim Badami’s show

Humayun Saeed

Superstar and producer, Humayun Saeed, recently appeared on Wasim Badami’s television show and as expected, the interview was nothing short of controversial. Waseem Badami held nothing back and asked direct questions along with some quirky exercises that definitely resulted in some eyebrow-raising answers, a few related to his super-hit drama serial, Meray Pass Tum Ho. It also seemed that Humayun was unbothered by any backlash that he might get, hence he also didn’t hold back.

From a series of quirky questions, here are a few that resulted in some interesting answers:


1. You said in an interview earlier that there were three endings shot for MPTH, but your writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, denied it completely. What is the story behind that?

HS: “Well, it’s something I said as a joke. So many people were pestering me to give up the ending of the serial so as a way to shut everyone up I had to do this. I told a small lie that there were three endings shot for the show and that we’d decide on the last day about which ending to air. This is when people finally stopped asking.”


2. *After showing a clip of fans reacting to MPTH’s ending*: How did you decide that Danish’s character needed to die?

HS: “KRQ did not want to kill the character after writing 20 episodes or so. He felt like there could be an alternative ending like, Danish leaving both the women in the show. It is me who convinced KRQ to kill off the character because any other ending would’ve been too bland. Although, KRQ would’ve made that interesting as well, I just did not feel it would’ve done justice to the story.”


Humayun saeed


3. Do you think this drama was against women?

HS: “Not at all! What they don’t realise is that Danish was incredibly patient with his wife. Normally, they would’ve shown domestic violence and whatnot in such a situation but we showed none of that. To the point that people used to question why Danish doesn’t react at all. Taking the “do takey ki aurat (worthless woman)” dialogue into consideration, I feel it was just relevant in the heat of the moment. It’s said so often on TV shows, to husbands, to daughters-in-law etc, so I don’t think its anything controversial.”


4. What would advice would you give to Mehwish Hayat, Ushna Shah and Aisha Khan? 

HS: “To Mehwish I’d say, please eat less. I mean I like that she eats a lot, but she should eat less, even I’m on a diet these days.”

“I’d tell Ushna that she works a lot. She’s a really good actress but I feel she should do lesser shows. Perhaps one or two in a year.”

For Aisha Khan, he pointed out that she’s just gotten married and is a little busy. “Please call me more often.”


Watch the entire interview here:



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