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1 Jun

Why Shehla Chatoor’s luxury lawn is going to be a hit!

shehla chatoor

Shehla Chatoor, years after making immaculate luxury Pret and bridal couture for a discerning clientele, took the leap of faith and dived into the extreme opposite of couture – lawn. She worked with Shariq Textiles to launch her debut collection and it was such a super hit that it overshadowed the experienced players and even landed a coveted LSA nomination for Best Lawn 2016. We can vouch for the aesthetic balance and quality of the collection – it was as fine as her couture.

Shehla may be a little late in launching her lawn collection for 2017 but with eid and the festive season starting soon after, it is actually rolling in at prime time. Releasing as soon as next week, we want to give our readers a head’s up on what they should not miss out on!

Impeccable quality

After her debut collection last year, Shehla has once again collaborated with Shariq textiles, who are known for their high quality fabric. Shehla’s lawn last year was the only collection to feature 35 gm pure silk dupattas, and if that doesn’t ensure top-notch quality we don’t know what does!

Last year’s hit collection

If a designer’s debut lawn collection gets nominated for a Lux Style Award, you can just imagine what it’s going to be like the second time around! In an earlier conversation Shehla told us “My priority, obviously apart from the fabric being absolutely luxurious, is quality. This year we’re going to raise our quality even higher…it’s going to be very different from what we did last year.”

nargis fakhri

Shehla’s debut lawn collection last year, which also got nominated for Best Lawn at the LSAs, featured Narghis Fakhri

Luxury lawn right in time for Eid

While we do like keeping our lawn joras simple, Shehla’s collection is coming out near eid because her focus is luxury, as is her specialty! Lawn is pretty much the only thing ladies are going to be opting for in this weather, and this collection is going to include additional embroideries and chamois embellishments to make the jora look more formal. These additions are of course optional; you can very well keep them aside and use them separately if you want to keep your look simple.

shehla chatoor

Her prints are featured in two colour ways each, giving us a greater variety to choose from

It looks simply fabulous!

It’s as simple as that. While the prints are maximalist, they are at the same time very well composed and aesthetically pleasing. The campaign itself is shot in Portugal and captures the luxurious feel of the collection perfectly!

Watch this BTS video to see what we mean and what you should be expecting!


The BTS video for the most awaited lawn is here and the glimpses of the collection promises it to be the best lawn of 2017. You can feel the energy, vibe and the richness of the collection against the beautiful backdrop of Porto and Lisbon. No one knows how to do luxury better than Shehla Chatoor and how she uses her creativity to give the same luxe look to her lawn #thetrueluxurylawn #glamlawn #ShehlaChatoorluxurylawn #Shariqtextiles #ShehlaChatoorXPortugal

Posted by Shehla on Montag, 22. Mai 2017


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