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21 Feb

4 reasons why The City School is the right choice for A Levels education

The City School

The time right before applying for A-levels can be a daunting experience, be it deciding where to do your A-levels from or what subjects to choose. This is a crucial time for students and a time where they require the most attention, counseling and need access to information that will help them make the right decision.

So, what are the options offered to these 11th-grade students who are looking at their opportunities? Let’s have a look at what The City School has to offer and the reasons why this should be at the top of the list of choices.

1. The academic standards that The City School has set are extremely high

City School students, called Citizens, are amongst the highest scoring pupils of the world: holding records with the highest number of A’s. The school provides In-school SAT and IELTS preparation to help students attain the highest score, which ultimately enhances their educational career. The student body that the educational institute produces is focused, fun and disciplined and this is something that this school is really proud of.

2. Acceptance in international universities 

Along with having high academic standards, The City School offers one of the best career counselling services in Pakistan – their aim is not only to provide quality education but also to offer their students counselling so that they are on the right track with their chosen field. The school also has a high frequency of acceptance in international universities, and is usually offered scholarships from notable universities. Some of the alumni have graduated from Ivy League universities.

‘The City School Internship Programme’ offers students a chance to apply for internships in various fields and aims to provide the students with both academic and professional experience that helps mold their personalities.

3. Preparing students for global competition

The school takes pride in the fact that they stand side by side with their students from the start of their educational career, providing them with a well-rounded experience so that these students can excel at what they set their minds to. To prepare students for a global competition, The City School holds exchange programs with different universities around the world and they also offer language programs to enhance their language skill sets.

4. The school allows children to engage in extra-scholastic activities 

Taking a step away from just academics, The City School’s Youth Programme is aimed at ensuring the development of abilities and skills that cannot be achieved fully through regular academic programmes. International trips are arranged to close the gap between different cultures and ensure that these students get a well-rounded, worldly experience. By offering opportunities like summer camp, The City School aims to provide their students with opportunities to capitalise on their skill sets.

The City School has over 160 schools across 49 cities in Pakistan, and the number of students that take admission in The City School means that wherever you go in life, you will always find a ‘Citizen’ and a connection to this school.

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