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13 Nov

4 times Sana Javed convinced us she’s a role model

Sana Javed’s stardom has been on a steady rise since her breakthrough role in drama serial Khaani, and now with a heavy-duty serial like Ruswai under her belt, it’s only going to rise higher.

An actress whose talent speaks for itself on the screen as she essays tricky roles with ease. Sana is more than just a pretty face with acting chops. The driving force of Ruswai sat down with team Something Haute for an exclusive chat about the serial, and managed to impress us more than we already were. Sana came across as a strong and progressive girl who is clear about her moral ground at the same time; perhaps she really was the best fit for her role as Sameera.



Here are 4 times, during the interview, that Sana had us convinced that she is the one actress that we should look up to!


1. Love isn’t the only important thing

When asked if a man being in love with her is enough for Sana, she made it clear that she has her priorities in check. “Love comes way later. Respect, trust, friendship and understanding come way above love. If you have all these, only then can love be in the equation,” she said.


2. Do not romanticize obsession!

Talking about her hit drama serial Khaani, and the obsessive lover she had to face in it, Sana clarified how scary a situation like that is for her as a person. “An obsessive lover like that, for Sana, that’s very scary. It’s not attractive at all. He was obsessed to a psychotic extent, and that’s not normal. And our audiences romaticize it; please don’t do that,” urged Sana.


3. Train girls to be strong

She’s all for letting girl’s make their own decisions and mistakes. If you watch Ruswai, you would know how Sameera is at odds with her own father over her ordeal, and talking about the same situation, Sana revealed that there is a lesson for fathers too in the serial. “Please don’t force your ideas on your daughters. Let them do what they want to do; let them be independent and stand on their own two feet,” she said.


4. Don’t victim blame, specially rape victims

Sana also raised several important points about victims of rape and/or gang rape, like her own character Sameera. “If someone gets raped, why do we tell them to stay quiet about it, lest it be shameful for the family? Why do we shame the victims? The perpetrators should be the one’s vilified and shamed. How will such crimes stop if we don’t hold them accountable?” Sana asked rhetorically. We can’t help but give her a bow for saying this out loud, specially at a time when *some* people are borderline glorifying gang rapes as something to match up to their level.

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