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31 Mar

5 at-home skincare treatment essentials to own now


Staying at home has changed our beauty regimes in unimaginable ways. Who’d have ever thought you’d have to go on for weeks without that bi-monthly deep cleansing facial? The new normal calls for at-home skincare treatments you can swear by.

We’ve picked 5 must-have products that’ll treat your skin just as well as your facial expert does!


Fresh aloe vera



Dry, irritated skin can be a pain to treat. Since staying at home is the norm, a trip to the dermatologist is out of question. Get your hands on some fresh aloe vera. No, you don’t have to go hunting for an aloe vera plant at a greenhouse. Aloe vera pulp is right here, packaged for you to use minus the prickly hassle of extracting it from the source. If you’ve been sun-burnt or suffer from dry, itching skin, apply aloe vera pulp to the affected area as you would a moisturiser. Aloe vera also works as a great cooling face mask after deep cleansing facial, especially if it’s refrigerated. Get yours here.


Skin brightening face scrub



We know how a busy schedule leaves little time for multiple step skincare routines. We’ve found you this two-in-one face scrub and mask hybrid to treat your skin to dead skin removal and cleaner, tighter pores. What’s more, this beauty buy is made with all-natural ingredients and comes in eco-friendly packaging. All you wellness advocates out there are sure to love getting your hands on this one! Click here to buy.


Fuller’s Earth clay powder



Popularly known in South Asia as ‘Multani mitti’, Fuller’s Earth clay has long been used as a pore cleansing agent in traditional skincare regimes. Its potent detoxifying properties make it the ideal face mask for when you want to bid clogged pores farewell. Mix this magical mud in some water and apply to the t-zone to get deep pore cleansing while staying at home; a treatment that parallels your favourite salon’s mud mask treatment. Buy it here.


Rose water spray



You may have heard your nanis and dadis rave about the skincare benefits of rose water. It’s truly one of the most effective yet affordable face toners out there. Since it’s alcohol-free, rose water suits all skin types including sensitive skin. Does your skin often feel dry, itchy and parched under makeup while you’re on the go or at work? Don’t fret! A few spritzes of rose water all over the face will do the trick. Light-weight in feel, rose water is a great facial refreshing mist to carry in your handbag on hot summer days. If you’re not a fan of that cake-y, powdery makeup look or you’ve run out of your favourite makeup setting spray, try rose water instead. It’ll do the job of setting your makeup just fine while amping up the glow with added hydration. Shop it here.


Apricot oil



If you haven’t yet heard, apricot oil is a great natural moisturizer that hopped onto the natural skincare bandwagon not too long ago. Regular use of apricot oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the undereye region. So, forget about spending an arm and a leg on those hard-to-find eye creams! Looking for an easy DIY natural face mask that doesn’t pinch your pocket? Guess what? A few drops of apricot oil mixed in with gramflour and water makes a face mask that’s quick, simple and gentle enough for everyday use. If you have extremely dry skin, apricot oil is your best friend. Apply a few drops to your face under night cream for extra moisture. Click here to buy.



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