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25 May

Haute Beauty: 5 hydrating facial sprays for fresh skin


Are you on the hunt for the perfect facial mist that will keep your skin fresh, replenished, and bright all day long then you are at the right place. We have listed down five must-have facial sprays that will calm your irritated skin, brighten up your complexion and boost your mood in this scorching heat.

No matter what skin goal you have set, we have a perfect facial mist for you to combat your skincare problems. Read on to find the perfect match for you…


1. Aura Crafts – Organic Rose Water



If you are big on organic products and are on the hunt for rose water that is organic and will give your skin a burst of hydration then Aura Crafts Organic Rose Water is the right one for you. Organic Rosewater is distilled with four times the concentration of rose petals, carrying no artificial fragrances and preservatives. The best mist to keep your skin PH level balanced. Shop here.


2. Ayesha. O Beauty – Toned Calming Toner




Still on the hunt for a mist that will give you toned and smooth skin then you should surely get your hands on this best-selling Ayesha. O Beauty Toned Calming Toner, made with 100% natural ingredients and enhanced with hydrating and pore tightening botanicals to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. So, if your skin goal is to have less visible pores and hydrated skin then get this one here.


3. Spa In a Bottle – Rose Water




Rosewater in your skincare regime is a must no matter the season and this Spa In a Bottle Rosewater will surely be perfect for you and easy on your pockets. Made from finest rose petals to help soothe and calm the skin with a delicate fragrance while balancing the skin PH level as well as tightening stubborn pores. This will keep the excess oil away. Shop it here.


4. The Body Shop – Vitamin C Energizing Face Mist




Vitamin C for your skin in this heat is a must and the Body Shop Vitamin C energizing face mist will not let you down. Enriched with Camu Camu from the Amazonian rainforest, Peru and aloe vera, this vitamin C spray will surely get rid of your dull and tired skin and will give you refreshed and enhanced natural radiance. Shop it now.


5. Organic Bloom – Herbal Skin Toner



If you are on the hunt for an affordable facial spray that will keep your skin hydrated and fresh then Organic Bloom Herbal Skin Toner can be your best friend. Formulated with nature’s finest rose petals and infused with geranium, the purest and most aromatic flower water, which will leave your skin replenished and youthful. Shop it here.


The Haute Team

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