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7 Sep

5 minutes with Sadaf Kanwal

She won the Lux Style Award for Emerging Talent as a model in 2015 and merely one year later she was nominated in the Best Model category. Sadaf’s is a unique face, one that brought thick eyebrows back in fashion in Pakistan. She is one of the most sought after fashion models in the industry today and we caught up with her to dig under that gorgeous surface…

Her vitals:

Age: 24 Hometown: Karachi Big break: Bonanza Satrangi, shot in Bangkok by Nadir Feroz Khan  in 2013

Favourite Body Part: My nose! It’s small, cute, pert and it hasn’t undergone surgery!

Print or runway? Definitely runway because print can be doctored whereas runway is where the real glamour is.

Best friend in the industry: Nobody. I’m my own best friend.

TV/Film Debut: That will be Haissam Hussain’s Ballu Mahi with Osman Khalid Butt and Ainee Jafri. It’s a love triangle, shot in Hunza and it’s also very funny. It should be releasing in February 2017.

Cosmetic surgery? People like to believe that I’ve had my whole face reconstructed but I have had absolutely none. You can take a magnifying glass and check my face for scars.

Someone you can’t stand: There are so many people; how could I name just one? I just can’t stand liars and hypocrites.

Hair, Make-up and Styling: N Pro


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