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28 Jun

5 reasons why Saba Qamar is the perfect Lux girl

Saba Qamar is one of the biggest stars in Pakistan. The actor, model and recipient of numerous awards has been wowing us for over a decade with her talents. Her success is the result of years of hard-work, dedication and being vocal about relevant issues, while also being a woman who isn’t afraid to break convention.

One thing’s for sure; you have to be glamorous, beautiful, and famous, coupled with some social standing to be a Lux girl, and Saba definitely has it all. Her beauty is not just skin-deep though; known for playing strong, progressive female roles, the actress is starting a new era for the Lux brand. Here are five reasons why we love her so much.



1. She’s a strong, independent woman on and off screen

Known for playing strong roles, she has portrayed Qandeel Baloch in her critically acclaimed play Baaghi as well as playing the confident Mannat in Cheekh.

2. She’s been an advocate of breaking boundaries for women

Dressing in masculine clothing for photo shoots, speaking out about sensitive topics such as sexual assault through her roles and creating a safe space for women in Pakistani cinema are somethings that are synonymous to Saba’s name.



3. She’s an ethereal beauty who can pull off just about any look

Whether bare faced or in full glam, Saba Qamar always looks beautiful. Her persona inspires us all.

4. Her talent has been recognized by international audiences

She’s been recognized on platforms such as Filmfare Awards, PTV Awards, Lux Style Awards, IPPA Awards, Masala! Awards, Star Screen, ARY, HUM and countless others. It’s no surprise that international audiences and locals alike are smitten by Saba.

5. She’s the perfect embodiment of everything Lux stands for

Lux is known for being a platform that celebrates independent women, who defy judgments and don’t hide behind their beauty. Who’s more perfect than Saba to represent it?


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