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6 Mar

5 reasons why Tich Button & The Legend of Maula Jatt clash is good for us

Us, as in the audience. After all, what’s better than one potential blockbuster? Two of course! So we thought why not list down a few reasons why we think two big films clashing on the box office could actually be good. Tich Button and The Legend of Maulta Jatt (TLMJ) are both scheduled to be released on Eidul Fitr this year.

And here are the five reasons we think cinemagoers are in for a real treat:


1. Diverse Genres


We have already watched the teaser of Tich Button and from what we have seen, it’s evident this one is all about romance, songs and dance! Something that’ll put you in the right kind of festive mood, wouldn’t you agree? TLMJ — on the other hand — promises an experience we’ve only had so far watching international movies! With high octane & thrilling action sequences as its USP, TLMJ is not for the fainthearted as told by director Bilal Lashari himself. It’s absolutely amazing that the Pakistani film industry has reached a level where it’s begun producing films belonging to such diverse genres, giving the audience the freedom to choose!


2. Ensemble Cast


What’s even better than freedom of choice is the opportunity to see all your favourite stars on the big screen! Here you have Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick and Hamza Ali Abbasi along with a host of others in TLMJ while Tich Button features Farhan Saeed, Iman Ali, Sonya Hussyn and Feroze Khan along with another set of brilliant actors in supporting cast. That makes for a case for us to watch both films, to be honest!


3. Women Power


Ammara Hikmat & Urwa Hocane


With Aurat March just around the corner and the ensuing palpitations its detractors are having to deal with, here’s a sweet reminder that both these highly awaited films have been produced by women, women who are both first time producers! Tich Button is Urwa Hocane’s baby while Ammara Hikmat is behind TLMJ. One shudders to think of the challenges both these women must have faced — or are probably still facing — to get their films released. Urwa and Ammara, you’re an inspiration to so many women; well done, you two!


4. Music & Action



When you’ve got Farhan Saeed on your team, you can be certain your music will strike a chord with the audience. Tich Button, as mentioned earlier, seems to be a great amalgamation of lots of singing, dancing and romance and if our sources are to be believed, the songs have been done by a number of excellent musicians. We can assure some names might even surprise you! TLMJ’s action sequences — on the other hand — are straight out of a Hollywood film. Remember when the trailer came out and people started comparing it to Game of Thrones, even? Excitedly waiting for Hamza and Fawad’s gandasa fight while humming to some mesmerizing tunes from Tich Button; that’d be us for the next couple of months!


5. Cinemas get a new life


When was the last time you went to the movies? Exactly! Cinemas are deserted these days and that’s not good. There’s a whole lot of people whose jobs are at stake. Remember the time when cinemas turned into plazas and shopping malls? Would you want that to happen again? The dry patch has lasted quite a while and with Tich Button and TLMJ — both quality products — releasing simultaneously, one can hope our cinemas would return to their former glory with back to back shows running all through the night!



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