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24 May

5 reasons why you should not miss ‘Makafaat’ on Geo Entertainment this Ramazan


We all agree that Geo Entertainment’s Ehsaas Ramazan transmission has been entertaining the viewers since day one of Ramazan. Whether it is the Sehr transmission or Iftar transmission, they are equally interesting because of their unique content. The informative segments are not only a delight to watch, but they are also influencing the lives of the spectators in a positive way. Geo has done a tremendous job in making this Ramazan a true virtuous month to mend your ways.

Makafaat is one of the most watched and preferred segments of Ehsaas Ramazan transmission. A segment in which a short telefilm is displayed based on the most neglected practices of humanity. The telefilms are much appreciated efforts when we come to realize their positive objectives. Here are some of the good reasons why you should not miss Makafaat telefilms.




1. A soul shaker

A little jolt is what we need to wake up from slumber and realize where we might be going wrong. We fall first and then learn. Life is all about making mistakes is one statement which might lead us to taking risks, but it doesn’t end here. In real life, it is about learning from previous mistakes and trying not to repeat them. Makafaat is also based on all these facts, stimulating an inspiration on air every day.

2. Evokes empathy

Makafaat is compiled with commendable values for humanity. Quite a few films have been aired out of which many are worth discussing. Waliden ki Khidmat (caring for your parents) is the most neglected part of human life these days. The only thing that’s glittery to the eyes is money. When it comes to the wealth, everything else takes a back seat. One of the telefilms was based on the value of caring for one’s parents, instead of caring for the money and luxuries of life. A mother with two working sons faced poverty; while the elder son got favors from the mother for earning well, the other had to face her anger for he couldn’t bring her much. Time, however, showed her the reality as her younger son who loved and cared for her despite her cruelty eventually got everything he deserved.



3. Revives human relation with Allah

Allah has blessed us with a method to communicate with Him, which is dua (prayer). Another telefilm based on Dua was also an eye opener. While we try to follow our dreams and buy luxuries, we must not forget that there are some who need money more than we do. Neglecting our comforts for others is a virtue that will definitely repay in a good way. A telefilm in Makafaat’s segment, Dua was all about finding the right use of wealth and resources. A man who helped the people around him selflessly, while making his own son angry for not fulfilling his wishes somehow gets rewarded with a generous amount unexpectedly. You can say it was undoubtedly a payback for his selfless contributions. The lessons are far more profound to understand and rather easy to implement.

4. Helps to reconsider your conduct

Makafaat has plenty of tales based on the famous quote, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. The most inspiring tale was about a man who did his job with honesty and thankfulness towards his Creator. He didn’t compromise on principles and finally got the fruit for his patience and hard work. Such practical lessons and examples are necessary to ground us in a world full of vengeance and dishonesty.

5. Inspirational content

Watching Makafaat would shake any mind that has even a little spark of compassion in it. Such motivational tales are all that we need in Ramazan to stir our souls. We go for sitcoms, game shows and soapy dramas every year to take our mind off things but this time, we can watch content that forces us to look inside and reflect. Makafaat provides us motivation to transform ourselves into virtous beings and the credit goes to the team of Geo Entertainment’s Ehsaas Ramazan transmission who are winning millions of hearts for their efforts.

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