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10 Jul

5 things to look forward to in Pepsi Battle of the Bands this year

We may be charging – head on – into election season but a new season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands (BoB) is also around the corner and things look exciting. First aired in 2002, Pepsi BoB is all set to launch its third season this July and we hear it’s airing around the middle of the month.

Here are five things that have us excited about the program…


1. Bands with female leads!





The upcoming season of BoB features a diverse genre of bands, including two bands with strong female leads. Interestingly, 170 applicants applied out of which 70 were registered. Of these, 20 were selected on the basis of vocals, music and arrangements following which the list was then narrowed down to the final top 10.


2. Do you know who’s opening the show?



In the opening sequence, Season 2 winners Kashmir will be seen singing their classic hit ‘Kaghaz Ka Jahaaz’. For this track, they will pair up with none other than Fawad Khan, followed by a second sequence featuring Meesha Shafi.


3. Who’s on the judges’ seat this season?



The judges for this season include pop band Strings, Meesha Shafi and Fawad Khan while Farooq Ahmed (Aaroh) will be seen as a guest judge during the auditions round. In addition to this, Shahi Hasan – who was a guest judge last season – will now be seen in a new role of music producer.


4. Fawad Khan



For everyone also looking out for a glimpse of the country’s biggest heart throb, BoB Season 3 will bring the super star to your television screens once again. Feast your eyes and ears until Maula Jutt releases!



5. Meesha Shafi. Need we say more?



Meesha Shafi is a powerhouse in her own, in every sense of the world. She’ll undoubtedly look great on the judge’s seat – as always elevating the style quotient of the program – but she sounds just as powerful. Last season Meesha released an original song and we’re looking forward to more this year!


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