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13 Sep

7 things we love about the revamped

Amongst a plethora of fashion choices available in the market under countless brands, only a few who stay true to their roots and design aesthetics; and for us, Khaadi is at the top of that chain. Thus, when the brand upholstered their website, after the launch of Chapter 2, we couldn’t help but take a peek at what it has to offer.

The new look and feel of the website

Before noticing anything else, our eyes directly went to the new design aesthetic of the website which stands out thanks to its simple and minimalistic approach. So, if there’s anything you want from the Khaadi store, you don’t have to search through a gazillion tabs to get it! Leading the way in websites after fashion? check. 

The Shop Now category

Whether it’s prêt, unstitched cloth or Khaadi Khaas, you can bet your top dollar that it’s available on the website. However, the best part for us was the Shop Now option, which in a blink of a second opens up the whole collection to select and purchase from. Running low on mobile data and want to purchase ASAP? Well, now you know how.

The option of signing up for newsletter to receive special discounts and offer

How many times have you been the last to hear about a sale or the latest collection hitting stores? We know so many who have. Thus, with Khaadi introducing an option to sign up for a newsletter, it’s a win-win situation for those who keep missing out as this will send an email directly to you about the latest discounts and offers available. What could be better?


The revamped website.

Place your orders via Whatsapp or call

If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to fill out an entire form to place an order, you can just click to order via whatsapp and phone call! Definitely something we wish all e-commerce websites offered.

Share your favourite outfit

When you click to view an outfit it gives you the easy option to share the look on your social media accounts. So if you want to show your friends what you’re planning to buy you can just click the Facebook icon and share it there!

The store locator

Locating a store near you just got easier! On the left side of the page you get a complete list of the stores in your country, instead of having to search city by city.

The Khaadi gallery

Although it’s not relatively a new option, the Khaadi gallery on the website is something we never miss out on. From the latest catalogs to the best of the brand’s multimedia, you’ll find it all in one place and like us, you’ll end up putting up a good one to two hours on the website.

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