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11 Jun

5 timeless jewelry pieces to add to your collection


Jewels are every girl’s best friend. Though like every other fashion accessory, jewelry trends also change every season but there are some timeless pieces that every woman should have in her collection. Just like a black dress is a staple in every woman’s closet, classic jewelry pieces also go a long way. They have an ability to add finesse to an outfit whether you want a dash of boldness or a touch of elegance.

Here’s a list of 5 jewelry pieces that we think you should own and here’s where you can buy them. So, get your credit cards out and splurge on these timeless ornaments.


Esfir – Halo Drop Earrings



We can’t get enough of how beautiful these pearls are. These dainty handmade earrings are made with pearl perched insides, crafted in fine silver with utmost perfection. These earrings will be a perfect addition to your collection and will add the touch of elegance in every look. Shop these gorgeous Halo Drop Earrings here.


Silver Sparkling Crystal Star Earrings



Stud earrings are in fashion since the 80s and are still in vogue. These silver sparkling crystal star earrings are like all-rounders; perfect for casual wear or a glamorous evening looks. These stunning crystal earrings take your style game one step ahead with a star shape and sparkling crystal details. These are a must-have so shop these here.


Esfir – Coastline



Charm bracelets are an enduring investment. They are simple, elegant and undoubtedly ageless. So, if you haven’t found your perfect charm bracelet yet, then this Esfir Coastline can be the one you are looking for. With a delicate chain alongside beautiful charms, it transports you to a soothing coast. Get one for you here.


Sparkling Silver Plated Crystal Swan Necklace




We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t want a crystal swan necklace once in our lives. It’s a classic and timeless piece perfect for your everyday attire but one that adds a super elegant touch to your look. This sparkling silver plated swan necklace can be the only thing your jewelry box might be missing. So get one for yourself here.


Esfir – Birds of Orient




Hoop earrings with lot of extra pizzazz are IN these days. Esfir’s Birds of Orient hoop earrings can definitely find a permanent place in your jewelry box. They are 24k gold-plated with addition of Chinese birds that express the longevity and peace of Chinese culture. The crystals and dangling pearl details make these very hard to ignore. Shop these here.



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