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15 Jun

5 travel-friendly beauty essentials to own this summer


Packing right is undoubtedly the hardest part about traveling. Deciding what to take and what to toss can take hours of your time and energy. While we tend to focus our attention on coordinating our outfits with our shoes, we forget that our skin burns and our hair gets frizzier with every passing day we neglect to care for them. For that very reason, we have handpicked few beauty products that could help you pack light but pack smart for your sweet summer escape. To make things easier, these products are available on Haute Shop’s website.


1. Aloe vera enriched skin care



Aloe vera has been an unbeatable remedy for skin burns, zits and irritated skin for as long as we can remember. In the recent times, aloe vera products have taken over the skincare industry and it is found in almost every product line, in one way or the other. With shelves stocked up with products, it’s hard to differentiate the good ones from the ineffective ones. That’s why you have us! We picked the perfect aloe vera product for you — The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream — with the least chemicals and no testing on animals. Its packaging allows it to be easily carried while traveling. You can buy it here.


2. A multi-purpose makeup palette




Packing light is always the way to go, to save you from the overweight luggage fiasco. The Zero Makeup Palette comes in handy as it cuts down the overbearing burden of 4-5 palettes and provides all the essentials in one compact with a built-in mirror and an application sponge. Best part is this can easily slip into your handbag. Its shade variety covers all skin tones and easy application attracts a wide range of customers. Buy it here.


3. A hydrating sheet mask



Garnier Hydra Bomb sheet mask is spa treatment in a packet that leaves your skin hydrated and radiant within no time. These masks could be your traveling best buddy, helping your skin withstand all types of climates. The variations available are spoiling us with choices to pick from! Buy it here.


4. Hair styling cream


During your traveling expeditions, you’re bound to style your hair incessantly and expose it to extreme heat. We have found the perfect solution for your hair situation. Apply the L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Styling Cream to your hair prior to styling and maintain a frizz-free long-lasting relationship with your hair. The cream is to be applied from mid-length to the tips of your hair and protects your tresses for up to 48 hours. From sleek straight hair to bouncy curls, now you can pull off any style in full summer stride. Buy it here.


5. A portable makeup brush roll

Amidst travel, you’re likely to lose the smaller items from your makeup collection if they are not bundled up together in an organized manner. MUA’s compact brush roll allows you to store six of your favorite brushes along with compact sponges in different compartments. The roll reduces the space that would have been occupied by a heavy pouch which would mix up your clean brushes with unclean ones and other makeup. Buy it here.


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