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4 Sep

5 ways Dillagi could end

A bullet came between Mohid and Anmol’s long-awaited and happy union. Mohid was shot just as he was bringing his barat to Anmol’s door and was singing and dancing outside. Of course, we anticipated the menace that Kifayat Husain would be and we knew that some adversity would happen before Mohid and Anmol were actually united. The question now is this: WILL they be united?

We know that the writer and director of Dillagi had shot two different endings to the drama serial and any one of them could be the actual ending; it all depends on public reaction, I’m assuming on social media. The promo to next week’s episode – which will be the last – revealed absolutely nothing but here’s what’s going through our mind as possible conclusions to Mohid and Anmol’s Dillagi

1. Mohid returns unscathed and kicks Kifayat Husain’s ass before putting him away and bringing Anmol home. This is a pretty drab scenario.

2. Mohid survives but the bullet has impacted his nervous system and he has been paralyzed waist down. Anmol picks his signature chadar, wears it as a turban and vows to avenge her husband before stepping into his shoes.

3. Mohid dies and all Humayun Saeed fans spend the last episode mourning his death. The entire episode, like the promo, is in flashback. This would be the worst possible scenario.

4. Anmol, while Mohid is struggling between life and death in the hospital, binge watches all episodes of Mann Mayal and realizes that the way Mannu saved Salahuddin’s life is by promising to keep her cursed shadow away from him and leave him. Anmol vows to leave Mohid in exchange of his life and health. Happiness can go to hell.

5. Anmol, while Mohid is struggling between life and death in the hospital, binge watches all episodes of Udaari and realizes that they too should be survivors and not victims. She rushes to the hospital and has Mohid repeat these words after her until he gets strong enough to walk out of the hospital. They team up and kick Kifayat Husain’s ass.

Which ending do you like best?

Aamna Haider Isani

The author is Editor-in-Chief at Something Haute as well as Editor at Instep, The News. Full time writer, critic with a love for words and an intolerance for typos.