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2 Dec

6 winter self-care products for smooth & glowing skin


Winter are almost everyone’s favorite but as the weather switches, our skin also goes through a drastic changes. Hence, rethinking our self-care and skincare products to fit into a winter-appropriate routine is very important. Cold weather can result in dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, and a lot of other skin problems like eczema. So, keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is the key to fresh and glowing skin.

We have listed 6 must-have skincare products that you should add to your skincare regimen this winter. If you are on the hunt for the perfect picks for the winter season and where to buy them, read on…


1. Co Natural – Organic Coconut Oil



Get yourself a refined organic coconut oil, as it is essential for cold weather and can help you in hundreds of different ways. It is a good hair care product, moisturizer, as well as makeup remover. We suggest Co Natural Organic Coconut Oil as it is extracted directly from the edible fleshy part of coconuts. It has the perfect amount of fatty acids which are great for your hair and skin. Shop it here.


2. Bath & Body Works – Be Joyful Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion




A body lotion is a must-have in winter season and when it smells good it’s a plus. That’s why we recommend you Bath and Body Works Be Joyful body lotion infused with shea butter and vitamin E perfect for nourishment and hydration. Moreover, its smell divine just like a holiday in a bottle. Shop this body lotion here.


3. Tree Hut – Soothing Himalayan Salt Scrub (Cherry Blossom)



A good scrub is necessary for all seasons but it comes in handy when the weather gets a little dry and you want to get rid of all the dead flaky skin. We recommend Tree Hut Soothing Himalayan Salt Scrub which not only smells good but also contains all the good stuff, like 84 different minerals to help soothe inflamed skin along with wild cherry extract for skin hydration. It also has red clay and shea butter for hydration and skin conditioning. Shop this magical product here.


4. Co Natural – Ultra Moisturising Organic Hand & Nail Cream



With cold weather comes rough and dry hands which can be really annoying. This is why we suggest Co Natural Ultra Moisturising Organic Hand and Nail Cream blended with organic aloe vera and enriched with organic sweet almond, jojoba and sunflower seed oils along with vitamin E. This hand and nail cream will surely leave your hands and cuticles soft and supple. Shop it here.


5. The Body Shop – Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream



A good face moisturizer is all you need for soft skin in chilly weather and this Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream will be your best friend this winter. It helps protect your skin from external aggressors and locks in moisture for 48-hour hydration. Formulated with natural hyaluronic acid from bio-fermented wheat-germ and raspberry extract, containing Vitamin E to refresh and re-plump your skin with moisture. Shop it here.


6. Aura Crafts – Happy Lips Ice Cream Lip Balm




Chapped lips are a big no. There is no doubt that your lips can get a little more chapped than usual in winter. We would suggest you to keep a good lip balm within reach at all times and this Aura Crafts Happy Lips Ice Cream Lip Balm can be your savior. It contains natural scent of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry with a hint of honey for that sweet and subtle taste. These lip balms will keep your lips plump, hydrated, and completely nourished! Shop them here.



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