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10 May

7 bag trends to amp up your style game this summer

Bags have always been a clear cut fashion statement which have the power to ultimately define your overall look. We’ve listed down a few of these which have been trending on the runways in 2019. From belted bags to nano cross body bags and clear case purses, these are the ones that need to be added to your collection:


Looped Single handle bags



Forget the fuss of carrying double handle bags, with this recent trend which has re-emerged in 2019, looped single handle bags in an array of shapes and sizes seem to be the next-big fashion statement for summer!


Compartmentalized bags



It’s much more common to have compartments present within the bag rather than outside, however the trend which has recently escalated is of compartmentalized bags where sections for your phone, keys, accessories are all present and visible at the exterior of your handbag. We’re digging this new vibe!


 Belted bags



This trend is not solely reserved to fanny packs, which flooded our Instagram feeds last year, but rather an array of differently styled belted bags including the handheld style belt bag.


Nano bag



The nano bag is a step towards rocking the minimalist look, readily being adorned on and off the runway. These miniature bags are carried more like statement pieces, considering their micro size.


Bucket Bags



Safe to say this style of bags has become rather mainstream and remains a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe making it a timeless piece. Designers are taking on to spruce up this classic version of a bucket bag by incorporating a variety of materials such as leather and crochet to give it a twist.


Clear-case bags



This bag trend has been carrying on since last summer and still hasn’t died down. This can be carried as is, or if you’re concerned about the privacy of your bags condiments being exposed, it can even be coupled with a solid colored pouch inside — a bag within a bag!





Doubled up bags are all the rage this spring-summer season; the cross-body and handle-free bag trends have contributed to the emergence of the multi-bag trend. But keep in mind, handbag layering is an art and must not be overdone. It should be just enough to make it standout but done within the lines so it doesn’t kill your overall look!



Sara Zaman
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