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12 Jun

7 fun facts about Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar from our Haute Chat

One of the most loved and talked about on-screen couples — Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar — dropped by at the Something Haute office yesterday (Monday) to promote their upcoming film 7 Din Mohabbat In (7DMI).

Dressed in a white floral ensemble, Mahira looked like a pristine beauty whereas Sheheryar sported a cool look in a white shirt paired with blue pants.  Both of them revealed some interesting facts, not just about 7DMI but also about their upcoming projects and their lives in general.

Here are 7 (because it’s 7DMI) highlights from their interview:

1. Sheheryar gets into the skin of his character



“Things that don’t come naturally to us, he makes sure he learns them,” Mahira said about Sheheryar. Be it the dance moves in Shakar Wandan from Ho Mann Jahan where he doesn’t skip a beat or Tipu’s avatar in 7 Din Mohabbat In, Sheheryar makes sure he gives his 100 per cent by immersing himself in the roles he plays.

2. 7DMI promotions are making Mahira and Sheheryar miss Adeel Husain 



Not many people know this but apart from being just co-actors, Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawer and Adeel Husain share great camaraderie even off camera. They make a point to meet each other often to keep the bond intact. Now, that’s rare but sweet, nonetheless!


3. Mahira is MAJORLY experimenting with her character in her next film



Now this definitely came as news when Mahira revealed that she has entered a ‘scary territory’ with her character in her forthcoming film with director Asim Raza titled Pare Hat Love. Wonder what that means but we’ll just have to wait, it seems!


4. Mahira and Sheheryar might get married to each other… yes you read that right!



When Mahira and Sheheryar can look so amazing on-screen, who wouldn’t want the two to pair up in real-life as well? When a fan asked them why don’t they get married (since they look so good together), Mahira and Sheheryar both said they might consider it as an option if they’re still single after several years.

5. Sheheryar and his thing for unbuttoned shirts



We can’t deny that Sheheryar has his swag on point but we discovered a rather intriguing fact about him: he likes to keep his shirt unbuttoned! Well not entirely but as Mahira jokingly explained, the buttons of his shirts keep popping open on days when he thinks he’s looking good.



6. Mahira and her immense love for rain



Mahira absolutely loves rain. Which is of course evident from some of the scenes we’ve witnessed of her in her past projects. There’s also a lovely rain dance sequence in 7DMI.


7. Sheheryar is a cool cat



Just like the picture depicts, Sheheryar is a cool cat. We discovered that he doesn’t let stress get to him, an example of which is a long delay in the release of his film Project Ghazi. Sheheryar believes in moving on with things than letting stuff ruin his present. That’s easily something we could take note of, as well.


Mariam Hameedi

Sarcasm and witty puns are my best friends (also my worst enemies). I love turning my world around on its axis and soon the most ordinary events turn into the craziest stories.