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15 Apr

7 most annoying characters in TV dramas on air these days


A good television drama feels like home (especially if that’s the place you are stuck in). Following it for weeks and then over a span of months, you fall in love with some of its characters, start mimicking your favorite ones and look forward to meeting them on screen as if they are a part of your family. And just like real families, there’s always one character who specializes in getting on everyone’s nerves. Relatable much?

The character in question here can be a male or female but they must possess one or many of the following traits; they can be obnoxious, irritating, rude, egoistic, whiny, snobbish or simply dumb. Much credit goes to the way these parts have been written but some of the actors have also played their fair share in making them so annoying that we love to hate them.

Here are 7 most annoying characters in TV dramas  — which are still running or recently concluded — that we collectively struggle to like!


1. Shameela in Kahin Deep Jalay




She’s the absolute worst — selfish, manipulative, loud and constantly putting the blame of her mistakes on others for no reason. Shameela (played by Nazish Jahangir) in Kahin Deep Jalay is one of those characters that does everything evil possible and gets away with it.


2. Wardah in Ruswai




Ruswai ended on Tuesday night and left us detached but at least we were happy that we don’t have to see Wardah (played by Minna Tariq) anymore. Been married into one of the sweetest families ever, her husband was also supportive in the beginning but she failed to recognize or appreciate any of that. Her parents and brother were the real culprits but she kept returning to them. She was just so whiny and annoying that we were unable to like her.


3. Saira in Mein Na Janoo



I kept wondering throughout the first 10 episodes of the play that why Sanam Jung (or any other lead actor in the drama) would sign this script and then I gave up. Saira (played by Sanam Jung) is an under-confident girl who loves someone else, marries another bloke and then gets blackmailed for over 30 episodes by her ex. Despite her husband’s constant affirmation and kind behavior, she NEVER tells him the whole truth. With her never-ending series of misadventures, Saira’s helplessness was infuriating.


4. Sahiba in Raaz-e-Ulfat



Sahiba (played by Komal Aziz Khan) is by far the weirdest character entrance in a drama. We are not sure whether it is written poorly or portrayed that way but Sahiba is inconsistent. She is a spoiled brat who plans to runaway from home because she is annoyed of her parents’ questions, she is happy to elope with a guy she apparently loves and only she knows why, she loves beautiful girls and befriends them in one meeting!? Yes, the description sounds bizarre because Sahiba is so outlandish.


5. Hamna in Ishqiya



There’s a reason we can’t tolerate Ishqiya despite having Feroze Khan in it and it’s called Hamna. I fail to understand why the writer of Ishqiya thinks that audience will sympathize with Hamna (played by Ramsha Khan). The drama’s background score keeps pounding on our heads that Hamza is evil and Hamna is a poor soul. Hamna’s whiny inanity is the bane of this drama. She has destroyed three lives — Roomi, Azeem, Hamza along with her own — subsequently three families as well, in her dumbness or selfishness.


6. Zamin in Thora Sa Haq



The dilemma of Thora Sa Haq is that the story blames any of the female characters each time a problems arises, while Zamin (played by Imran Abbas) gets a clean slate as he is a poor guy suffering due to the circumstances. Zamin is a self-righteous bloke who is a terrible husband to both his wives. He is so self-absorbed that he always blames someone else for his mistakes. The guy has no redeemable quality to begin with (he kept his nikah a secret and marries Hareem only to give HER a choice to leave him), it is oddly self-serving that he will be the one with a wife and a home once this chaos settles down.


7. Nirma in Jhooti



If irritation could be used as a fuel, our reaction to Nirma (played by Iqra Aziz) in Jhooti could power a small city. The self-centred and egomaniac girl conveniently steps over anybody who comes in her way and doesn’t even leave her sweet ex-husband. Even her loud voice and over dramatic expressions kill the mood every time she appears on screen. She is an awful friend and daughter, a wicked wife and so materialistic that we cannot stand her!


*Disclaimer: The names are written in no particular order and the article is strictly about characters, not the actors who played them.


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.