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27 Sep

7 pairs of shoes you need to add to your closet

When opting for comfort over style, we’d always go for the latter and choose flats. But how about having both the features in one? Wouldn’t that be perfect! But then one must think of having such stuff available locally which is kind of rare, but thankfully, it isn’t anymore. With Illume Shoes and SOMA International, who could possibly worry about looking for both style and comfort.

Here are some of our top picks from their collection:

Orange Antique Rose

These orange ‘Antique Rose’ flats by Illume are minimal yet stylish. With an unusual colour like orange bordering more towards coral with a touch of muted gold rose, these flats are perfect for all occasions, be it a sundowner or formal dinner, you can pair these with any plain colour to make sure they stand out. These are also available in powder blue and a classic black. You can buy them here.



Gold Blossom

This gorgeous pair of ‘Gold Blossom’ silver flats is like a signature Illume piece that’s a must have. Available in a metallic silver, gold along with a stunning red and black, this particular pair would totally stand out on a white kurta with silver kaamdani and we can already picture ourselves wearing it. They are available here.



Emma Emerald

Make a statement in these stunning ‘Emerald Emmas’ by Illume. Embellished with piercing blue square gems, the look is of a tinted emerald shade which will really complement all the gemstone shades. You can buy them here.



Crem Bow Loafers

Many people are comfortable wearing loafers and we have some interesting assortment by SOMA International. These hot pink ‘Crem Bow Loafers’ can be paired with both western and eastern. Ideally on pants if we had to choose between them and classic shalwars. The colour is so fresh and striking that we’re sure you wouldn’t mind owning a pair of these. They are also available in black and green, and you can buy them here.



SOMA Mish Loafers

These pair of loafers are very English in style and are available in all these amazing shades shown above.  These look the kind which will be best suited for winter evenings. How about you do some shopping ahead of winter, here.



SOMA Tina Backfull Mules & Mini Loafers

These beautiful embellished loafers are a must have for every girl. We love the detailing in both of them and they can complement any style, but we’d prefer western if we had a choice. They are both available here.


What will be your pick this season?


Mariam Hameedi

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