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2 Apr

7 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss 7UP Foodies Festival


The food scene of Pakistan is rapidly growing, thanks to brands who are promoting cuisines and vendors from throughout the country. Now, 7UP is back with its acclaimed 7UP Foodies Festival from 5th-7th April and here are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss it:


1. Variety of food 




7up is bringing together the best variety of food. Housing over 100+ eateries while offering an array of cuisines from desi to continental and desserts. No one knows of any Pakistani who doesn’t like food. It’s what usually brings us together. We’ve heard they’re also putting together live cooking for people. You get to be served super fresh food being cooked right in front of you.


2. More than 25 home-based eateries 




The 7up Foodies Festival will also have 25+ home-based eateries exclusively serving us delicious food at the event If you miss out on these, you’re probably not going to get a chance to try them out again till the next 7up Food Fest perhaps.


3. Power-packed performers 




A few days back, 7up took to social media asking their fans for their favourite musicians. Guess what? The top 4 are actually performing at the 7up Foodies Festivals. Which also means, you might get a chance to see meet them let alone see them perform live. There will be lots and lots of music. Not just on one day or two days but three of excellent music. By excellent we do mean excellent, including performances by Atif Aslam, Sajjad Ali, Josh, Jal and many more. Talk about the phenomenal line-up of musicians! 7up, music and food; life is already complete.


4. The Fort city will become the food city for the weekend 

It’s happening in Lahore, the food hub of Pakistan and that too on a weekend. The city has the constant ‘awesome mausum’ these days. Excellent time to book your vacation in Lahore so you can enjoy the amazing weather as well as the 7up Foodies Festival before it end. Karachiites beware though, there might be a shortage of airline or train tickets especially with people flying out for the festival. We definitely recommend you book your ticket now or opt for an adventure road trip to the 3-day food fiesta.


5. Families only event 




If you’re worried about rowdy crowds, worry no more. The 7up Foodies Festival is for families, which just means you can openly enjoy as much as you want!!


6. Entertainment for all ages

If you’re going to the 7up Foodies Festival with children and you’re envious of all those who are attending without children then don’t fret.  The 7up Foodies Festival has an insane range of family entertainment activities for all age groups including Virtual Reality games, Kids Zone and more. Children might not be the only ones spotted in these areas, we’re betting fathers and mothers would also join in the fun!


The tickets to food greatness await you here.


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