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20 Apr

7 trending online challenges to try in lockdown


Dealing with boredom while inside your house during the coronavirus lockdown? Well there are plenty of challenges online that will keep you busy because social media is at its prime these days. People are doing that they might have not done normally (making videos of washing dishes or hands for instance!).

Everyone is in quarantine and a new way of chilling is through the viral challenges from dances videos, makeup tutorials, quizzes to what not. Here are our top 5 picks of the social media challenges that we enjoyed:


1. TikTok Dance Challenge


We don’t know who started it but the most famous dance challenge is on a remix version of Bonde R300 song, Oh Na Na Na. From oldies to kids and from people in a lockdown to doctors in a hospital, everyone has tried it and there is some serious footwork involved. In case you haven’t, feel free to join the bandwagon.



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✌️🤟 #ohnananachallenge #tiktok #hospital #radiographer #neuroradiology #stayhome

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2. No Rush Challenge


This one also generated from TikTok and starts with one person showcasing their ‘makeup free’ skin then, they grab a makeup brush and hold it over the camera lens. Later, when they remove the brush, we see a full face of makeup. Girls are brimming with creativity and some are even hard to recognize due to drastic transformation. If you want to brush up on your makeup skills, this one’s an engaging one!





3. MeAt20 Challenge


Ever wondered what your favourite celebrities or newest buddies looked like ten years ago? Well… there is a new challenge that surfaced last weekend #MeAt20 where everyone posted a picture of them when they were 20 years old. And God it was surprising!





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#meat20challenge — what’s changed? 🌚

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Rewind to 2010, when I first discovered the power of my jawline, and was… well, all wired up in the second picture.

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4. Ludo


Well it does feel like that the whole world is playing ludo, collecting coins, dices and gold. This is a good way to play with your friends, siblings or cousins who either you cannot meet due to lockdown or who live abroad.



5. Bingo Templates


Social media has also flooded with template of informational boxes (like Bingo) which people are sharing on their feeds and ticking the things they have already done, like have they ever been to a police station, have they ever appeared on TV, have they ever made a public faux pas, have they ever been fired from a job etc. People are tagging each other to know what they ever done and what they have never. It is also an interesting way to gauge how adventurous you have been in your life and lastly who doesn’t like quizzes?




6. Cooking Challenge


Everyone around is trying their hands in cooking exotic or simple dishes. There are challenges on local cooking groups on Facebook and some of the most popular ones include a Dalgona coffee. People who are cooking are then putting it up on social media and tagging others to encourage them to try their hands on dishes which they haven’t cooked before.


7. Emoji Enactment Challenge


This challenge by TikTok has been liked by everyone; even celebrities like Kevin and Nick Jonas couldn’t keep their hands away from this. We also saw Osman Khalid Butt trying it. The app randomly pops up nine different emojis and the person has to enact those emojis with their hands on a song with a fast tempo.Its hashtags are #handchallenge and #emojichallenge which has more than 900k hits.

There is a new one too which is called sibling challenge which is quite similar to who done it. You can try that one as well!



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Nailed it.

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Let us know in the comments which challenge is your favourite and what you are going to try next?



Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.