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17 Mar

7 X 7th Sky Entertainment dramas to binge watch right now!

With the entire world in virtual lockdown due to the dangerous Corona Virus outbreak, this is the time to stay home, in isolation, and find innovative ways to stay entertained. Watching television is the easiest and cheapest way when most avenues of entertainment are out of reach and making your life easy, we compiled a list of the most highly rated TV dramas on air these days! You can either watch them unfold on television, as and when they air, or you can binge watch them on YouTube.



Mondays, 8pm



Unsurprisingly, it’s Faysal Qureshi’s brilliant portrayal of the ominous Sardar Saif ur Rehman that has people riveted to this drama serial. It’s just 5 episodes in so you can catch up in no time. Muqaddar revolves around the story of Raima (Madiha Imam), who is engaged to her cousin Haris (Ali Ansari) while her batchmate Saad (Haroon Shahid) is also in love with her. Raima is an aspiring journalist and is in for a rude shock when she interviews and attracts the unwanted attention of Sardar Saif ur Rehman (who’s also Saad’s uncle), who must have her. We’ve just witnessed Raima’s abduction and what follows will definitely be tumultuous as there are more twists to the tale. It’s definitely gripping!



Wednesdays, 8pm



Power and politics definitely factor in most 7th Sky Entertainment projects and Deewangi is a prime example. Deewangi is the story of the rich and entitled Sultan Durrani (Danish Taimoor), who obsessively starts following and falling for Nageen Faiyaz (Hiba Bukhari), a bus stewardess. Rejected quite offensively (Nageen slaps him in public) he has her abducted and then eventually releases her, albeit having ruined her reputation. He then marries his cousin to cover his own embarrassment of being rejected by a lower middle class girl but is, of course, unhappy and frustrated. Nageen’s character and ability to fight for her rights is one of the most positive things about the drama, which leaves one intrigued as to how this story will end.


Kahin Deep Jalay

Thursdays 8pm



Casting Imran Ashraf in his first role as romantic hero opposite the lovely Neelum Munir, Kahin Deep Jalay is the story of love and betrayal. Rida in the only daughter; her three brothers dote on her until the eldest, Faham, marries his cousin who is jealous of his love for his younger sister. She’s hell bent on destroying Rida’s life and marriage, and things start getting out of hand, resulting in Faham’s murder that everyone blames on Rida. While this may appear to be a lot of trauma and tragedy (it is, indeed), what makes KDJ so interesting is the way Rida stands up for herself, even when her husband – who has his own issues – accuses her of lying/cheating before discovering the truth. Will she forgive him and will her widowed sister in law ever face justice for her manipulations? We’ll have to wait and watch.



Mon-Friday 7pm



Written by Huma Hina Nafees and directed by Saleem Ghanchi, Munafiq has changed the way people are watching television in Pakistan. Airing 5 times a week, daily from Monday to Friday, the highly rated drama has people hooked for several reasons. 36 episodes in, Munafiq is the perfect show to watch over a long weekend at home. It’ll surely keep you entertained with the story of a man and his two wives, all torn apart in a love triangle. Armaan (Adeel Chaudhry) was initially all set to marry his long-time love, Sobia (Maryam Nafees), when his mother forced him into marrying another girl, Ujala (Fatima Effendi) for politically correct reasons. Armaan refuses to acknowledge his marriage to Ujala and proceeds to marry Sobia as well. Sobia is confident and outspoken whereas Ujala is a timid soul from a lower middle class background. Drama ensues as Armaan gets frustrated with the burden of dealing with two marriages. We can’t wait to see how the writer will bring justice to these three characters!


Khoob Seerat

Monday-Friday, 9pm



Khoob Seerat is the story of two best friends, Dilkash and Mahira, played by Kiran Haq and Nimra Khan respectively; the two are complete opposites in nature. As the title suggests, Dilkash is pure at heart and no matter what, always sacrifices her own needs and desires for Mahira. Dilkash is secretly in love with Samar (Agha Ali) but she does everything in her power to help Mahira and Samar’s union because Mahira is also besotted with him. Mahira and Samar do get married but a series of misunderstandings result in their broken marriage. As Mahira and Samar part ways, Dilkash feels sorry for her friend, but Mahira starts to despise Dilkash’s apparent happily married life. It’s 22 episodes in, so this is a good time to binge watch Khoob Seerat’s story of trust and loyalty in friendship. Do you think anyone should be this forgiving?


Darr Khuda Sey

Tuesdays, 8pm



With two episodes left, this Imran Abbas and Sana Javed starrer – that has had viewers hooked since day one – may be coming to a conclusion but then that’s the best time to find it and binge watch it on YouTube. An Anjum Shahzad directive, this drama may be a love story/triangle on the surface but also points at the awful reality of harassment at the workplace. Imran Abbas plays the arrogant and awful Shahvais, who has his eyes set on the pretty Afreen (Sana Javed) who works at his office, and destroys her in the process. How this will end is anyone’s guess so keep watching!


And coming up: The Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor starrer on Saturday evening, prime time, 8pm. With this new drama, you guys will actually have so much high voltage drama to binge watch on. If it’s still not enough, you can catch Ramz e Ishq, super popular and now concluded but available on YouTube.


Let us know which dramas are your favourite!



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