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1 Oct

8 things we love about Alkaram Studio’s latest campaign


Alkaram Studio has just released a digital commercial for their new campaign, featuring Roshanay Afridi. With a  vibrant color palette and designs to look out for, the collection is a must-have in your wardrobe. Here are eight things that we just adored about Alkaram’s new DVC…

1. First and foremost, the perkiness of this video is worth talking about. The video opens up with Roshanay walking into the frame, and one by one, with the snap of her fingers, she’s dressed in multiple outfits with the help of her stylist and hair dresser. Before our eyes, she is ready to rock 10 outfits, perfect for every occasion.




2. We love these sleeves, what a great cut and color! Definitely something new that we’ve seen from Pakistani fashion brands.



3. We didn’t think we would see Roshanay as a mother anytime soon, but this playdate outfit with a matching stroller suits her so well.



4. The work outfit is not only practical but oh-so cute. Roshanay telling her co-worker she’s on the way while trying to enjoy her morning coffee is so relatable.



5. There’s nothing more that we love than a colored pair of sunnies right now, and these matching ones with this beach outfit is giving us some serious summer vibes.



6. If you were in class with Roshanay, she would definitely be the stylish, smart and perfect classmate you’ll want to befriend. With an outfit this cute, who wouldn’t want to be her friend?



7. Imagine someone walking in this outfit for a date night. We’d be smitten! The jewelry and smokey eye really complete the look.



8. Roshanay’s laugh, the red lip, gorgeous flare and this musical night outfit, there’s nothing about this final look that doesn’t take our breath away.




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