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29 Apr

On our haute list: A Few of Ammara Khan’s Favourite Things

Titled My Favourite Things Ammara Khan’s latest ready-to-wear collection is a rare sight in the casual chic collections that roll out in that it’s aptly titled and expertly cohesive. My Favourite Things works so well because it sticks to what it promises: a collection of pieces that compliment one another and have a steady flow of design elements that weave in and out of each look.

 In a day where ready-to-wear for summer can often feel like you’re purchasing a look which has a one (possibly two) time use, Ammara’s collection is meant to make your wardrobe stronger with pieces that resonate with your existing sartorial palette.


This print


The pieces serve a purpose in the collection and stay true to the overall aesthetic standing next to one another. There are lace cut outs, high-low hems, unfussy prints in stripes, florals and a dash of animal print with statement making touches like billowy sleeves, patches and even bows present in an eye-catching eyelet and on the back of a pair of cropped trousers.

 The trousers are a delightful surprise in a day and age where truly anything goes and culottes, wide leg pants and slim cut pants are the dominating look; Ammara threw in that characteristic whimsy with cropped pants that cuff around the calf and hold volume on top. The unexpected design adds a unique edge to the collection that though soft and pretty did not skimp on the sharp details of cut and model.


These trousers


 Similarly, Ammara has played with the way the trousers can add to each ensemble rather just playing second fiddle to the tops. The My Favourite Things line up includes well cut flare-leg trousers in a pretty mint green look as well as flared-cropped trousers with a lace cut out border for a flirty peek-a-boo touch paired with a side tie floral knee length shirt.


Those lace inserts


 The sheer detailing on the trousers draw your eye to oft forgotten piece of the complete look with majority of the pants either having the cut outs within embroidery, sheer panels or subtly positioned with eyelet fabric. The aforementioned bow-back cropped trousers are a highlight (also in eyelet) for upping a wearers daily wear game.


These bow-back trousers


 The prints have been kept uncomplicated with each shirt containing at most two prints with most of the styling contrast in the form of smartly placed borders, lace and embroidery elements including a fun use of patches.

 The subtle nods to whimsy and flirty design elements featured through the collection tie it all into a whole. With the billowing sleeves, the bows and the patches one can visibly see how Ammara married her eye for trends with her existing aesthetic towards daily eastern wear. The outfits through out the collection are wearable in a way that doesn’t just suit the hot summer months and needing to function but by making getting dressed for face the day a touch more exciting.





Sabah Bano Malik

Sabah Bano Malik is an editor, writer and big fan of Wifi. Reach her at

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