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14 Jul

Haute Trends: a gentleman’s guide to a stylish weekend

Fawad Khan

With summer reeling fast into the monsoon season, weekend outfits are as important as your workwear even though they have never been so varied. Even though most of the gentlemen on the modest side of the spectrum might find a good retail session frivolous, they’re lucky we have taken our moment of fevered inspiration and cooked up a guide that would get them through the perfidious waters of their social obligations, which we could all use a little bit more of in our lives, yes?

Oddly defiant intro aside, we’ll keep this one short and simple.

The Casual Friday

Nobody wants to wear a suit post 5 pm on a Friday. So trade in your office shirts for a Polo, with no logos please, and some comfortable chinos (it’s not right if it doesn’t fit well). Take the style quotient up a bit with bright suede summer shoes or even a pair of subtle sneakers and don’t forget the belt; it’ll help break the lines so the look won’t get lost in a sea of boring beiges. Let the polo remain untucked and the belt neutral and classic.

The Saturday up-do

The only thing worse than showing up over dressed is showing up under dressed. As much as we’d appreciate a man in a classic white shirt, we argue why dress up like thirteen other guys at the party. Trade in your boring sacks and stand out with a bang.

Prints are all the rage right now and there is nothing flamboyant or scary about making a statement. Now don’t get us wrong because we don’t mean that t-shirt with your favorite power-ranger or your favorite quote from the dead-pool movie. Go wild and experiment a little, we all know that nobody remembers a good Saturday night, right guys!

The take-it-easy Sunday

Sunday blues are real and we’ve all suffered from it. That doesn’t mean they have got to mess up with you staying on trend. Get your favorite pair of jeans out or get on your casual tracks, it’s all allowed on a Sunday but there is no excuse for a mismatch t-shirt and PJs.

Have a comfortable pair of sneakers ready for doing your last minute errands. Flip flops are only allowed within a 10 mile radius of beach sand because trust us when we say that chapals are nobodies friend.

Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!