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31 May

A list of Pakistani celebs who’ve ventured into YouTube vlogging and deserve your subscription

We’re sure you must be hooked to the YouTube channels featuring your favorite comedians & beauty gurus, and pretty invested in getting all the tea on that James Charles and Tati YouTube drama too. Well, it’s about time you make room for all the Pakistani celebrities who have taken to YouTube and have proved to be a hit by producing some great content.

These celebs definitely deserve a subscription, take our word for it!


Juggun Kazim



Juggun has won over many with her great content and insightful videos, from taking us on a personal house tour which features her lavish bungalow, to inside her closet and a rundown through her 70 pounds weight-loss journey. Juggun’s channel kick-started nearly a year ago, in which she featured workout tips and cooking videos along with street-side interviews, which indeed touched a few heartstrings.


Hira Tareen



Hira’s channel has got all the best fashion, lifestyle and skincare tips. She also shows us some exclusive behind the scenes videos for her shoots with magazines and all that prep which goes on for fashion week; not to forget her travel vlogs with husband Ali Safina, and also GRWM (get ready with me) videos for award shows!


Nadia Khan



Nadia runs a channel by the name of and we absolutely love how interactive she is with her viewers. She shares the struggles she faces in her life with active ways to combat them, including weight loss and dieting tips in Ramazan. She exposes the truth about makeup products and reveals all the never seen before shots from her dramas on her channel as well.


Hina Altaf



Hina’s got a fun-filled YouTube channel in which she does quirky challenges with her friends, plays dress up, gives fabulous outfit ideas, talks healthcare, beauty and fitness. The beauty segment of her channel is very insightful and helpful to the viewers as she collaborates with a dentist & aesthetician Dr.Hina Siddiqi who gives skincare tips and is very well versed in the field.


Yasir Hussain



Even though Yasir’s YouTube channel dates back to 2014, he has only recently revived it a few months ago by posting a video which was a tribute to Jon elia Kya Kijiay. The genre his channel revolves around is majorly comedy and drama and he’s currently running  a series by the name of CIDefg, the first episode has been released this week and it’s quite hilarious! Be sure to tune into his YouTube channel if you want to see some hilarious light-heated content.


Noor Bukhari



In order to connect with her fans directly, Noor took to YouTube to start her own channel and share her life experiences. She talks about how she started off with her career in media and how she became more inclined towards religion. Noor shares her journey and also gives beauty and fitness tips. Her latest video showcases what her plans are for Ramazan.


Bilal Khan



When the Bachanna singer isn’t enticing us with his melodious music, he’s seen producing some quality content on his YouTube channel where he shows us how he works on his new songs and prepares for his concerts. Bilal’s vlogs also feature many different celebrities; which so far include Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane, Maya Ali, Kubra Khan and others. Tune into his channel to find out what all goes on, you’ll be in for a treat!


Ayesha Omar



Another celebrity who has recently joined the bandwagon of vloggers is Ayesha Omar. The first video she posted was about an orphanage; Sirat-ul-Jinnah followed by content that revolves around her lifestyle and fitness. We love how she started off her YouTube channel based on such a positive and thoughtful initiative. Can’t wait to see what more is in store!


Hania Amir



The latest entry to the YouTube scene is Hania Amir. She recently uploaded her first vlog and has gained an influx of followers overnight. In her video, she takes us through the process of her hair transformation and a quick dentist appointment too. There was also a surprise appearance by Asim Azhar, featuring him in a fun Q&A session. It’s great to see what goes on behind all that glitz and glam, and we love how unfiltered Hania was!

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