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31 Oct

Aamina Sheikh reveals why she chose ‘Sorry – A Love Story’ as her next project


If there’s one Pakistani actress who chooses her projects carefully and subsequently succeeds in garnering praise from the critics for them, it’s Aamina Sheikh. Be it Seedlings or Cake, the actress has proven her mettle time and again. However, will the magic still run its course as she joins Sohail Javed’s Sorry- A Love Story?

Speaking to Instep, the actress discussed how she chose the film because it had a ‘power to move’ her.

“Anything that has the power to move you… and so it intrigued me but even then I wanted to read the script before I decided. Until it was ready, he kept updating me with the developments,” Aamina said. “We sat down and he gave me a synopsis and while he was giving me a narration, I was completely engrossed in the story because it came from a very personal space for him.”



Apart from Aamina, the film also features Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussyn and Faysal Quraishi. The prospect of working with such a talented cast was another reason Aamina chose the film.

“He’s [Faysal Quraishi] a veteran and has been around for so long and for him to take this step means that he finds Sorry meaningful,” she said, listing the pros that contributed to her decision to say yes to the film.“When I asked about the rest of the cast, I felt how brilliant it was to have Sonya and Zahid on-board. They were all good flags; it all came together well and it’s a good space to be in for an actor.”

Directed by Sohail Javed, the film is co-penned by Asma Nabeel and is all set to release sometime next year.

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