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4 May

Aamir Khan denies rumours about distributing money in ration bags

AAmir khan

A few days ago, a post went viral about Bollywood actor Aamir Khan where he has demonstrated generosity in a mysterious way. A post on Facebook claimed that the actor is helping people, during the global pandemic, in a unique way. The alleged donator apparently hid about 15,000 INR in flour bags which were distributed to the needy. However, the actor has recently tweeted a clarification, removing himself from this rumour, once and for all.

In a tweet, Aamir Khan cleared out the confusion that was getting him a massive amount of unnecessary praise.



“Guys, I am not the person putting money in wheat bags. It’s either a fake story completely, or Robin Hood doesn’t want to reveal himself! Stay safe. Love. a,” he wrote.

The entire issue began when a post was made on Facebook, with a collage featuring Aamir Khan and ration bags containing flour with money in them.


amir khan


“Aamir Khan — 1 kg Aata but 15k inside. Slum-dwellers thought it is too less so didn’t go to collect it. But the neediest ones who were deliberately even trying to get 1 kg of flour for the family took that but surprised to get 15000/- inside the packet. Wah. Aamir Khan. Stay home. Social distancing.. stay safe.. guide neighbours.. make India COVID-19 free,” said the post.

Many Facebook users shared it, linking it to different YouTube videos, claiming the same thing.



One of the viral videos, seemed to have joined a TikTok user talking about the incident and praising the unknown personality who performed it and joined it with a picture of Aamir Khan, implying a link between the two. The video was captioned, “Aamir Khan ki anokha andaz main donation (Aamir Khan donates in a unique way).”



Since then continuous speculation has been going around questioning the credibility of the incident which till then was only linked to Aamir by random pictures. The reason many people were inclined to believe in this story was that the actor is known to not make his social work public information. While other sources have generally reported his generosity, the actor himself, or his team usually does not. However it’s good the confusion has been cleared out, and people can learn from whoever did perform the anonymous deed, if at all, that in the end, it’s about helping however you can.


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