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25 Apr

Allow me a moment of self-indulgence please

The wedding picture.

So last week, the fatigue of fashion weeks, weddings and traveling took its toll and my lower back buckled, leaving me in pain and in bed for three days. My doctor very simply put it down to ‘weight’. That was nothing I haven’t heard before but his advice was encouraging instead of reprimanding. He said that this was a good time to lose the weight and get healthy as no real (irreversible) damage had been done YET.

And so I have started my bid to shed the 100 pounds that I have gained in the fifteen years since I got married. That’s a shit load to pile on and when I think about it I wonder why I let it happen. Then I let that thought evaporate. It just did. And I somehow have to un-do what happened. I can’t be 23 again but I can be a size 12 again. I was never thin in the way we know thin today but I was healthy and not too bad looking. Here’s to health and vanity! I’ll be sharing my weight-loss journey with you all – with friends Rukaiya Adamjee, Nabila and Aaminah Haq as my inspiration and consuls – write in if you want to join me!

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