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9 Nov

Why does Aaliya, the central character, get a blink & miss in ‘Aangan’ teasers?

Teasers of highly anticipated drama Aangan were finally released last night. While the first teaser showed Ahad and Sajal romancing each other, and might we add looking fabulous while doing that, the second teaser introduced us to all the main characters.

Unsurprisingly, fans were very happy and are now even more excited to watch the period play as we can tell from these tweets:






Such a powerful star-cast and mounting expectations are bound to lead to some interesting conversations, though. For example, when a troll insinuated Mawra was jealous of Sajal (because the first teaser was all about Sajal and Ahad’s sizzling chemistry), Mawra made a fiery comeback:



“She’s outstanding in #Aangan,” Mawra wrote in response to the troll who wrote, “Are you okay bro?”. Naturally, people were impressed by her sportswomanship.



Other fans did raise a pertinent question, however. Those who’ve read the novel are aware that Aaliya (Mawra’s character) is the narrator and the central character in the play. Lack of screen time allotted to her in the teasers have left them curious, wanting for more:





Others were concerned if they’d be trolled for wanting to see Mawra and Ahad’s characters romancing each other:




Overall, the teasers were successfully able to achieve what they’re meant to: tease. But fans shouldn’t be disappointed because from what we hear, there’s a lot more stuff coming their way before the play finally goes on air. We are particularly looking forward to the teaser featuring Mawra and Ahad as it is to be seen if their on-screen chemistry will be able to withstand the ardent fans of ‘SaHad’. We get the Sajal-Ahad obsession but having read Khadijah Mastoor’s novel Aangan also know that Aaliya, played by Mawra Hocane, is the central character. This promises to be an interesting ride.

Stay tuned for all the exclusive updates!


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