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4 Sep

Abid Ali is alive, confirms daughter Iman Ali putting disturbing rumors to rest

Abid Ali

For some twisted reason, fake news of celebrity deaths have become a norm over the internet. The latest one to become a target is veteran actor Abid Ali, who is battling with severe illness for the past two months and is currently in the hospital, but he is very much alive. His daughters — Iman Ali and Rahma Ali — have confirmed the news.

However, the hoax has passed around last night on social media, apparently because of a false story that claimed the actor has passed away. Many publications followed suit and announced his demise without any verification.

Taking to Instagram, Iman Ali, made clear that the news is fake.



The actress thanked everyone who sent their prayers for her father, but expressed her disappointment over the rumors. “He [Abid Ali] is alive and all of our family are praying for his recovery. The social media magnates whose drive is to post unverified news of such grave matter is utterly disgusting and disturbing. Our family has been through turmoil all in the name of breaking news,” she posted.

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For all the publications spreading false news, she said: “The power of written word is very strong and should be treated with respect.”

Rahma also took to Instagram to confirm that her father is alive and in the hospital.




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