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Aamna Isani

“Writer, reporter, journalist, blogger…I write, therefore I am”

Aamna Haider Isani has been a leading fashion writer and critical analyst since 1995 when Pakistan fashion itself was a nascent industry. Her incisive, constructive comments and witty observations have made her one of the most authoritative and sought after fashion journalists in the country. Style is inherent to a personality and on meeting Aamna you know that here is a person who embraces the nuances of style and global fashion in their entirety. She has written for Dawn, Libas, Newsline, Sunday, Outlook India, the Express Tribune and is currently working as Editor of Instep, The News.

A journalism student with a passion for getting the story out first, she is a major front row presence at the country’s leading fashion and entertainment events. The stories from Fashion Weeks from India and from Karachi and Lahore, the reports from the LUX Style Awards and Carnival de Couture extravaganzas, the interviews with leading fashion and show biz figures have given Aamna an unparalleled bird’s eye view of how the industry works. Crucially it’s also allowed her to form an opinion on what does not work.

Aamna’s insider view since the past fifteen years is invaluable and she uses it to publish vital information that can give her readers immediate and accurate information on Pakistan’s thriving fashion and celebrity scene.