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14 Apr

Adnan Jaffar makes his Hollywood debut in ‘Homeland’

Adnan Jaffar has had quite a journey career-wise in the last few years. From an anchor for a news channel to working in major film projects like Manto and dramas like the currently running Ruswai, Adnan has taken quite the leap. And now, it seems Hollywood has taken notice. Adnan recently made a guest appearance on the popular American TV series, Homeland.

The actor played the part of a Pakistani General, named Aziz who has a brief but heated conversation with Bunny Latif (played by Art Malik). In an exclusive conversation with the Something Haute, Adnan answered some of our questions regarding the entire process and his cameo role.


Adnan jaffar

Adnan Jaffar with Art Malik, as Aziz and Bunran “Bunny” Latif


Firstly, he told us a little about the nature of his role. “My appearance was only a cameo in episode 9 that aired on 5th April on Showtime. So, there won’t be any reappearance,” Adnan said.

He also gave us some insight into the process by which he was discovered by the casting directors. “The casting people did their own independent search which apparently led them to me. Perhaps through Google or my Netflix presence. Also, I have played quite a few officer parts in local productions. It seems that people think those roles suit my persona. Later, I was sent an audition script which I recorded in a video and sent it to them. I kept zero hopes because this is such a high profile series but voila I landed the part. Although I never asked them the details of how they finalized me,” the actor said.

Finally, when the discussion came towards future Hollywood prospects, Adnan responded by saying: “It’s not as if the flood gates of Hollywood have opened to me though.”

However, we think it’s too early to make that call considering that the episode aired merely a few days ago. Given the talent Adnan has displayed in his roles, big things are surely in store for him!


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