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22 Mar

Adnan Sarwar is on road to recovery from a life-threatening disease

Adnan Sarwar

Filmmaker and actor Adnan Sarwar was MIA for a couple of months, but a comprehensive post on his Facebook shared on Wednesday has revealed his recent struggle with a life-threatening disease. The actor shared that he was diagnosed with spinal cord stenosis, which is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal that results in pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. Adnan, however, has undergone a surgery and is on the road to recovery.

The director wrote in his post that the last few months were a tumultuous and difficult experience for him. Adnan is a doctor himself and he couldn’t thank enough the doctors who treated him.

“I was diagnosed with a spinal cord stenosis and only an emergency surgery saved my life and limb,” he wrote adding, “A note of gratitude to the hospital and to the nursing staff for their care and support. To those who love me so, and have left me humbled and moved by their tears and prayers – Thank you! You know who you are.”

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Adnan Sarwar


Sarwar is now in recovery and he has appreciated all good things in his beautiful life after managing to overcome a life-threatening disease.

“As I embark on the long, slow road to full recovery, I shall reach out to those who have been trying to contact me as soon as I can. In my new life, I resolve to love more, worry less. Laugh more, frown less. Relax more, work less. Take care of my health. And most importantly, reconnect with loved ones lost along the way, before all this… It’s a beautiful life,” he posted.

We wish Adnan to find strength with each new day!


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