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10 May

Affan Waheed opens up about his struggle with depression following traumatic divorce

Affan Waheed

Affan Waheed has been a part of the television industry for quite some time but his recent stint as Badar in hit drama serial Do Bol has made him the heartthrob of the nation. In a recent interview withSamina Peerzadathe actor — who has always plays romantic leads in dramas — opened up about his struggle with depression.

Affan got married in 2016 and we saw pictures of his nikah ceremony but almost a year later he announced that he had been divorced. He has, for the first time ever, spoken publicly about this traumatic experience and how it adversely affected his personal and professional life.

“I thought my life would end; I used to lock my door and howl, go out for drives and cry out loud. I was so depressed that even I was unable to understand what was happening to me. I suffered from extreme hair loss, I denied work for almost nine months,” he said.



When Samina asked who helped him cope up with this, Affan was all praise for his family and friends. “I am very grateful to my friends and family. My elder brother’s towering support helped me through it. I am hesitant to cry in front of people but during that phase of my life, I cried in front of almost every one closed to me. My life came to a standstill,” he added.

Affan recalled the time when he finally snapped out of this depressive state of mind. “When I finally got divorced and snapped out of it, I clearly remember the feeling of happiness; it felt as if somebody actually painted colours in a black and white picture. It was a bad divorce,” Affan shared.

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Affan has learned from his traumatic experience that nothing is constant in life. “Everything in life is very temporary; it passes before you know. We should not dwell over the past or put a full stop, just keep living,” he said adding, “It helped me become more compassionate and empathetic.”

Affan urges everyone to consult a doctor and share with your closed ones if you are depressed as he believes “depression is as real as breathing.”

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